19 Replies to “Bow hunting foxes with a Ragim recurve bow”

  1. Well done on your shooting skills!!..You ought be very proud of yourself,shooting God's creatures,,you mindless hillbilly fuckwit!!..Maybe if animals had weaponry,you might not be so confident about standing in the open and killing ..!!..Please upload a video of yourself relenting on your Neolithic heroics..if you actually do evolve to higher level than plankton..Have a nice day now..Oh..and try not to fall on any of your arrows..lol!

  2. Haven't seen this one before Carl, fox got quite surprise there, he was one of the lucky ones by the look of it.

  3. We have a few foxes in my neighborhood who have been pestering us for about a month now. Last week it killed our neighbors small Shitzu. We bought a crossbow that shoots 275 ft/s so do you have any tips for novice bow Crossbow shooters like my dad and I on how we can attract and hopefully kill some of these foxes? Great video man. Sorry for the missed shot.

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