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  1. i got one (26#) slightly used with 6 fivics arrows. as a newbie i have never been happier to be able to practice in our yard. great review and i learned how to string this bow the right way by watching your video. thanks and more power!

  2. I bought this bow for my kids 22 # but the original string was not good so I upgraded it with a bodnik wisper string 8 strands and bow shoots incredible 162 fps at my 30” draw – 1000 spine arrows 243 grain – super nice at low Price

  3. I have shoot a lot of Bows Take down Recurve.Hunting Recurve.Compoundbow.Horsebow.and even Crossbow but today i Ordert a snake Bow with 26pound just to shoot with the same simplicity as i do as a Child just let my Arrows fly and have fun:)

  4. Hello!

    I am planning to buy this bow as a beginner with 10hrs experience in archery. I want to practice traditional archery or "instinctive" with this bow. And this is the only available traditional bow in my country. Would you recommend this?
    I am 30 y/o btw. And 5'5
    I have tried 40lbs before with no problem

    Thank you

  5. Hi 👋🏼 im 5,3 100 lbs should i get the 18 and 60 or 15 and 40
    also i have a small budget and im in saudi arabia and the delivery will cost alot so i want some cheap arrows or places that ship to saudi arabia and are cheap because on amazon its 60 dollars without the arm guard nor finger tab nor arrows

  6. i have this bow as second bow, for friends and like you said, for situations where i want a forgiving and handling resistant bow. it’s much fun. i also recommend it to friends, if they want to start their journey into archery. also i love the plain black look of this bow.

  7. Hi Armin, inspired by your video I bought the snake bow 22#. I bought it for LARP, to get some other friends in touch with archery and to trie out thumb release and left hand shooting. I normally shoot between 35 to 40 lbs. I really like the crafty snake bow 😊 the only thing I wonder about is the brace height of this bow. What brace height do you normally use at Malta archery? I couldn't find anything by now 🤔

  8. Just as Armin says in the video… 'Nice forgiving, well balanced simple little bows that can teach anyone so much about form.
    The very best thing I have shot with, full stop ( the very best Bang For The Buck). Nasty fibreglass training bow money but a sweet little bow for that money. A good place to start… and I can't leave mine alone… it's that good!

  9. Hello, my daughter shot a bow like this at camp and wants one for Christmas. She’s about 5’1” would you recommend the 48” or 60” and for the 60” I can only found #22 draw weight is that to much?

  10. Im 17 and about 1,85m. Is this bow good for me, (60/26). Because I saw a recommended age on some website that said 12-14.

  11. Hey Armin. Do you put any kind of "hair" on the shelf or just leave it as is with the polymer surface? It doesn't look like you're using any hair or fur on the rests but I just wanted to know. I'm very heavily considering purchasing one of these as a guest bow.

  12. is a nice bow my dad bought it for my happy birthday is so smooth when shooting……even in my training im using the bow

  13. Hello,
    First of all, thank you for your videos and the fact that you are answering the comments here. Sorry for my bad english…
    I have a question about that bow. When you buy it online, u get one ore two "Arrowhead?" (Pfeilauflagen). Do i really need these with that Bow? Do you have some hints for good Arrows for that bow. I will use the bow for exercising different shooting styles.

    Thank you again.

  14. can you get this bow in 44 inches? (112 centimeters)
    because that is the sice of my other bow and that sice is good for me!

    (i'm sorry i ask so much)

  15. can someone tell me how much it cost?
    because i want to buy him.
    and btw i am 13 years old and i don't know wich sice of a bow is good for me 🙂

    and if someone kwows WHERE to buy it, it would be verry nice 🙂

  16. Wow, I'll ask my parents to buy it for me, that's a really nice bow.
    I got interested in archery ever since I played Stronghold HD (A really good Castle Sim/RTS made by Firefly Studios set from the Norman Invasion of England to the beginning of the Hundred Years War. ) It has a military campaign, in which the first military units you can make are Archers but later they start getting replaced with crossbowmen, but even later you can build braziers (which make arrows burn). But yeah, It's also because I'm really interested in historical weapons.

  17. I have one of those bows it is the 22# and sold by PSE archery . I shoot Mediterranean release with this bow and do string walking and can hit a target at 50 meters ,by knocking the arrow at a lower angle than the arrow shelf and griping the arrow between my middle and fourth fingers . Well beyond what this bow can shoot on a level shot

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