15 Replies to “Bow Unboxing and Setup of SF Archery Axiom Recurve Riser and SF Elite Fiber Foam Limbs”

  1. I hope nobody is taking any advice off this video. There are so many issues with this it's unreal! Clueless

  2. The first hole, that is forward on the riser, is for a bolt on magnetic arrow rest! So, your cushion plunger, would screws in to the second hole, that is rearward on the riser!

  3. So, is this a worth while riser to have? I 've been looking at them, but, I can't decide! If you watch the reviews, they all say that the Axiom, is at the bottom end of the scale, so, what is your opinion?

  4. Hello.
    Man I have a question. In the oficial page of SF, says that those risers, axiom plus lite can not be used over 40Lbs because they could break up… do you hear something about that? How many lbs you put on yours? How you feel the raiser after the regular use? Doy you have any advise? Thank you very much. I really like the video.

  5. wow I really like that bow i wish i could find them where I live but we only have compound bow shops here in Canada BC

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