Bowfest 2019: Archery on the Ski Slopes

Bowfest 2019: Archery on the Ski Slopes

hi my name is Larry Pohl Quebec and I'm the owner of Mont alack ski hill which is where we're at right here the facility basically at the northern end of Wisconsin at the tip of Lake Superior where it meets Minnesota it's kind of a heavily wooded you know very outdoors outdoor friendly area lots of terrain lots of things that you're gonna find opposite of the city but this is the third year of both fest at Mont Lac it's the biggest one yet and hopefully it'll be a lot bigger on a go-forward basis so normally Mono Lake is a winter sports recreation facility normally what you'd see in the background if you're interviewing me is skiers and white snow and people jump on off of terrain jumps and things like that and I'd be in a jacket I just feel that the archery industry itself can use an event like this something that's fun something that people can just go out there and enjoy and turn it into a festival and I think that long term this is kind of the direction that we can get young people and do people into the sport we have four courses and there's 15 targets per course and we have the Amazon River Basin African bush the Appalachian Trail and the western edge all four courses have a completely different theme for example you have a peacock bass jumping out of the water down the Amazon you have full-sized giraffes to shoot at virtually any 3d target that's made we practically have all of them they're all represented here and the train goes from fairly easy terrain that's back African bush to extreme terrain on the western edge and the Amazon River Basin so it goes up and down depending upon what you want you can take an easy tour in the back that's gonna be bladder or you can take something that you're gonna want to have great boots on and you're going to go up and down and your shots are going to be extreme on top of that we have the money chute and we have two different versions of that we have the open class which first place is ten thousand dollars and it goes down to the tenth place that we pay out to and in the bowhunter class is $5,000 for first place and that pays again down to the tenth place it's only $200 to be in the open class and it only costs $100 to be in the actual bull hunter class with again the chance to win $5,000 and it drops from there but even if you're in second place you win $2,000 into bow hunter class in the final you have the five people that make the final if there are ties there will be a shootout on that to get to the top five people and then it'll be five targets that will be shot by each one of the contestants and the highest score will win if in fact there's two or more people that are tied at the end then it goes to a sudden-death and whoever ends up winning is first and then you got second and third etc the money shoot in the bow hunter class there is 20 targets that you shoot at and they're anywheres from I think that we have a skunk at three yards all the way out to a large bison and I believe he's 85 yards everything is known distances people can bring their own range finders they can use their own binoculars this is designed to be a show of skill not how well you're good at judging distances so that's what we're doing and it's 20 targets for the bow hunter class and then the top five will actually make it into the finals and there again you're shooting for five thousand dollars for first place in the open class that requires the same thing people can use binoculars they can use their own range finders whatever they choose to do and there's 12 and 14 rings that are on the targets themselves marked in orange and all of them so you know where to shoot and that actually you have to shoot two rounds of 20 targets it's more Durin's type thing to make sure that the cream come to the top and that we actually have best shooters in the final shootout and again that shootout will be up to 100 yard shots on both feet on both divisions and you'll have again $10,000 for first place in the open class everybody starts with a zero score however the person that had the highest score in each division will be able to pick which of the targets they shoot first that way if they want to end on a target that might be a shorter target or something with an easier potential shot and a 14 they can do that if they want to set it up that way or put other people in the spot where they have to make those decisions early so it will be the first person take the first spot the second person pick second etc down to the fifth person that's involved that person ends up with the last target that's there but everybody starts at zero and the finals will be broadcast on competition archery media on Facebook YouTube etc so everybody will be able to see actually the results and to see actually hopefully how competitive it really is at both s we also have a bunch of celebrities and personalities from the industry everybody from Levi Morgan some of the top shooters in the world – Michael Waddell Nick montz Randy birdsong Tim Wells I can go on and on there's about a dozen or more celebrities that will be here all weekend long to both shoot and participate but then also to just hang out with people and talk to them and share experiences I think what we're trying to do is is create a festival environment that's gonna bring bull hunters and other outdoor sports folks together we've got different sponsors and and vendors that are from all aspects of outdoor sports both fest is more than just an archery event both fest is a full-scale festival we have I think 70 vendors that are here taking up over a hundred boosts so people can actually see a lot of the new and unique products that are available for the archery in the hunting industry in addition to that we have 15 different bands playing from Thursday to Sunday we have four different stages so we'll have all kinds of different activities for people to do all day long the headliners on Friday night is Clint Black and Saturday is clay Walker we are really trying to create something that is fun that has an awful lot of dynamics to it that it's not really that everybody's gonna be hush-hush quiet and just watch the shooters shoot this is designed to be something where you have known distances you have big orange dots to aim at you want to see people that can do great things with archery but you also want to have the camaraderie of people that are here people that can actually go down and sit there and talk to you it's great to have a like-minded group of people that can share experiences their thoughts and I think it can be just a great long-term experience of end for everyone you

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  1. I will be there next year as soon as tickets are for sale me and my buddys are buying to go shoot keep it up

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