Bowfest 2019 Money Shoot Day One Pro Leaders

Bowfest 2019 Money Shoot Day One Pro Leaders

hey everybody this is PJ Riley for competition archery media bow Fest 2019 Mont Duloc superior Wisconsin and I'm out here on the money shoot range and we just had three major pros just shoot David Hauser Levi Morgan chance bow buff David we'll start with you what did you think of this layout I thought the layout was really cool and exciting especially for spectators it's right here at the vendor area between the main lodge and the vendors so anybody walking through can watch get some exposure to what we do for a living you know every weekend they can kind of watch and have fun and it was a cool format we actually went through it pretty quickly we got to shoot together so I had a really good time three to 85 yards and all uphill does that play anything with you guys I mean you guys are the best of the best I mean uphill for me is not my most comfortable position shooting the pin mover was a little more than I would have liked but it's you know just every target was uphill so just had to adapt and make sure you had your set your site right got you incidentally we should say 220 for David 224 Levi and chance was tops with 222 so let's get sleeve eyes thoughts here Levi so you're coming off of OPA where you had a big long-distance tournament did this just flow right into that or you know how did that work for you yeah I I'm shooting the same bow a shot at OPA so it worked really good actually because it's the same kind of format long distance could be windy you know shooting dots so it worked awesome I'm glad I didn't have to set a complete bow up before I came here some different targets there's a camel there's a giant penguin a drunk Santa how does that play into your game honestly you don't really once you came to come to full draw your focus tones that orange dot so I don't care what it's on beyond anything and I'm still just trying to hit that dot now that monkey target that's about that wide I did could see that if I got blue at all in the wind I was gonna miss it completely so I mean that was the only one I really thought about that thanks Levi let's talk to chance here chance so top score tell me about did it feel like a good round tee is solid with things working for you where there's a couple points you'd like to have there's definitely a few that I left out there I'm wasn't aiming all that great uphill like that but I mean I'm pretty pretty happy with the round considering I'm shooting the same set up I shooting in Opa so I'm you know comfortable with it and familiar with it gotcha so for the second round you guys have to shoot two rounds it's the same course so now you have a kind of an idea is there anything different that you're gonna do next round or changes you're gonna make yeah I mean there's little changes you learn cuts on the yardages as far as you know how much what you're putting on your site and that'll definitely play a part you know whether I hit a little high little low on certain targets I'll definitely keep that in mind and not you know I remember what I shot them for so I'll make the adjustments all right well thanks a lot guys we appreciate all your time and good luck on the second round

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  1. I’m surprised to see these compound archery contest allowing competitors to use releases. The only targets that would be a challenge would be the distance ones anything closer than 50 anyone could play

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