[Applause] what is going on everybody before we get into today's video I wanted to start off by saying a huge shout out to the Texas woodsmen for being the subscriber slash hunter I'm not sure what I'm going to call this yet we're gonna start doing something new at the beginning of every video a lot of you guys like awesome positive comments and we want to start recognizing that a little bit so if you want to have a chance to be shout it out we're gonna be doing this at the beginning of almost every single video gonna chance to be shot it out at the beginning of the video leave some sort of positive comments a you want to be the subscriber or hunter I can't decide what we're gonna call it of the day and you will have a chance and I will select somebody at the beginning of each video that is always leaving awesome comments to be Beach anyways let's go ahead and give it into this video so if you guys so Midwest summer heading out to the spear stand we're not a spear into that it's not the good one for it so we're gonna hop in the bus and actually I haven't checked this camera in about a week but feeders been rolling and hogs are in it so shipping a cheap chicken on top so this by the way by the way the ones they're definitely govern himself slang Jamaica Jake wasn't the camera I'm dead machine so not circulate the questions began a professional cameraman nobody's ever met in opposition okay guys so we just got back to the truck is almost 9:30 now we're waiting till dark nothing but cute we actually heard the pigs never to come in I was standing on a dark 9:30 and I went over and checked the camera and literally we just got through checking the car every morning and evening for like the past five days except for one evening they have came in at some point in daylight every day but they came in this morning and they didn't come into this evening I've no idea wall we just got a wild guess that went to him they smelled us or they smelt this like while we were walking in no idea never heard him except for out of the distance back behind us I've no idea what the problem was but if I give it a few days go back in there they'll be coming back and get on them we might try in the morning or something like that but we'll get on them it's just a matter of time I've been fighting these pigs frown on how long it's February yes it's February and just I don't know they just got the better half of me but maybe I need to change it up and get this pierced and maybe Hey we'll see what happens guess [Applause] [Applause] another so here's this LaSalle I guess and I went through both shoulders and absolutely smoked through she didn't go anywhere but to the ground I came in a little bit later than what we were expecting we we'd been checking the cameras and they'd be coming in around 7:30 8 o'clock and I don't think it was still like 8:40 to not that they finally came in we're losing light really fast and Weston just kind of kept a wide angle so you can see it as much as you could and leave it as light as you kid and turned out pretty cool hopefully y'all enjoy glad to finally get something down it's been a little bit but hogs are starting to pick up to our feeders again we'll be whacking and stacking alright well this is a different hunt for sure we've never done anything like this on the channel we've done it in the past quite a bit but as before we started posting all of our stuff on YouTube but anyway we made a good shot on this pig thought it he shot it in the spine but he getting he shot it straight through the shoulders shoulders yeah double long there it was real good quick clean kill but anyways hopefully you guys enjoyed this this video is uh took us about a week to get it get it all done after all the fronts but anyways hope you enjoyed this videos a little bit different like I said but if you did be sure to leave a comment below thanks so much for watching I really appreciate it we'll see you next time


  1. Luke and Weston, I would have liked to seen Weston's priceless face when Luke called him a camera man.. you guys absolutely rock. Thanks for the vidja…I have been following your channel since day one, and you guys are always consistent with putting out your videos and they always get better.

  2. Quick kill,?, OMG, that squealing was LOUD! so loud it would wake all the dead hogs. Good shooting from the UK, trust that prime bacon goes to a good cause.

  3. Good Hunting Fella's – Nice to see you change to the conditions shows your experience
    Many would just sit tight and blank – keep them vids coming!!!
    How do y'all say "Peace out"

  4. Hey OSC just bought my first bow it was a bear approach and in the future looking at getting a prime!! Also great hunt!!

  5. Great hunt shooting in low light, my wining shout-out question: How do you approach ranchers and farmers to manage their pig and preditor problems?

  6. Some hunts produce , some don't. They're all good entertainment if you're a hunter at heart. Keep it up

  7. Good shot Luke…after the first 50% I was preparing to hear you guys open the "Reason It Didn't Work Book" and read another section from it. All turned around nicely. Mahalo and Aloha from the Big Isle "🤙"

  8. When wes is the camera man there is always meat on the ground!! How do u like that comment!?!? Hahahahaha. Guys you have a great channel and the vids are always good. Safe hunts

  9. Hey….I should have positive comment recognition credits in the piggy jar…haha see what I did there…pun intended. Nah just kidding. Another awesome video guys!!! Kill em, chill em and grill em!!! Looking forward to the next one.

  10. You guys are great! I wish that I had the strength to go and do what you guys do, but cancer slows a person down. I feel like I’m there with you on your adventures. Keep bringing these videos. Thanks!

  11. I spot and stalk hogs and javies in south Texas every year.  It is incredible fun.  Hogs at night, javies in the day, fun 24/7!!

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