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  1. i am new to the subject and have been watching multiple videos, i had the same thought that you used. why not mark your end loops with a pen or marker, but i was sitting there, would that have any side effect or lead to any altercations with the string?

  2. Wow… Best video ever of this subject. No Ego! Just plain simple direct and exact. Thank you so very much for this beautiful example of how to…

  3. Semplicemente fantastico, il video è veramente bello e la tua tecnica di fare i loops è meravigliosa. *
    Simply fantastic, the video is really nice and your technique to make the loops is wonderful.

  4. Hi, great video, very instructional. Relaxing too 🙂 I'm sure I'll be referring to it when I start making my own strings. When you add twists to the string as you close the loops up @3:35 you seem to be turning something off camera. Do you have some kind of tool for adding the twists and holding them in place? Thanks.

  5. This is excellent. The method how you joining end loop sides is what i was missing till now 🙂
    Now my strings would be even better than before. Thanx mate for that.
    Do you advice to prewax thread while go arround jig posts? Burnishing would be better with waxed threads, right? Please shed some light here 🙂
    Cheers mate

  6. a very simple way to making a recurve string , just what Ive been looking for 
    thank you chrisevansgarden

  7. Hi Naomi,  I can't remember the exact material the string was made with now but most likely Fast flight Plus or BCY 8123G. The serving is Soft Twist No. 4. I use a Beiter serving toll which I have installed the metal professional rollers into and the jig I was using was made by a neighbour. I now use a jig made by KG Archery. 

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