BowTuningTips/FullDraw by Pullin Archery

BowTuningTips/FullDraw by Pullin Archery

this boating tip is brought to you by the full draw from pullin archery you know one of the biggest things that I hear for my customers they get older and along with me I know I'm getting older a little more joint issues a little more troubles drawing my bow back my pounders just kind of dropping down nowadays I'm not the the kid I used to be shooting 80 pounds a lot of guys will come in and they're like I'm like man I haven't seen you for months where you been doing man I hurt my shoulder tore my rotator cuff you know or had to have surgery you know a lot of things happen to people and can take them out of the game of bow hunting you know and they're going man I just I can't see making myself go to crossbows myself I don't have a problem with crossbows I think they're an ultimate weapon just the same as a compound is the big deal is with these guys I just had too much pride and they feel like they're sacrificing the heritage of bow hunting well nowadays there's a lot of products out there that can help you one of the things I want to show you today is kind of show you this this product and we're going to install it so you can get the idea of how it works it's made by pulling archery it's called the awesome full draw and what it does is it'll actually hold your regular compound bow at full draw so you can be ready to shoot just like a crossbow but yet you stay with the vertical bow I think it's a great thing I think it's a good idea and if something ever happens that I have to resort to having some aid then I'm gonna get one of these things I've already got one so I'll probably just use it we're going to run through the installation of it real simple to do it'll work with all your modern type rests and leave them work with drop aways we're going to run through here we're going to put a drop away rest on it and we're going to take it out and fire some arrows with it you guys can see how easy and it is to install the first thing we have to do we have the full draw is we have to cut a little section of it out if you're going to install it with a drop away rest in this case that's what we're going to do and if you tell David you'll see there's a little line scribed in there and an X you tell him when you order that you want to put a drop away on there and he'll put the line on there so you'll be able to do it and I I'll take it fart just take the bottom screws out of the plate you got it makes it easier to cut okay we got it all took care of now we got it cut out of there as you can see we cut just this little piece of square stock out of there okay we've got our bow here and one thing about this bow is uh it belongs to a friend of mine his name is Charlie him and his brother Jim hang around here all the time and there's a couple old timers I call them Charlie's in his 70s and he just can't draw his bow anymore and he's been hunting with a crossbow and he's found out ever since I have started shooting fobs Charlie wants to try fobs now he doesn't even know we got his butt okay so it's like a secret he's gonna be real surprised so we're gonna set this up with this full draw and Charlie's not gonna know about it we're going to surprising and it's early summers right now so he's gonna have plenty of time to practice and David pulling it pulling archery I didn't tell you I was giving this to Charlie but Charlie it'll be well appreciated I promise you he'll probably whack something with it so let's get it on and so we can get out and play with it before Charlie knows we got his bow you just mount it on the bow like you would a standard rest being sure that when you do so that you make it level just like you always do when you mount a rest to a bow you go ahead and just snug it just a touch and then you want to put your torpedo level on your shrink get it level and then bring it around and put it on top of this rest it's actually like an over a modified overdraw assembly get that level lock it down and be sure to tighten up these set screws that are there to that's going to be pretty important it's going to keep it from pivoting once you have the bow at full draw okay now that we have this mounted on there the next step is we're going to go ahead and install our drop away and it mounts in the back holes that you see here there's like six holes there's two of them at the top that's ones I'm gonna put this in I'm just going to use the one in the back go ahead and get it tightened down and then we're gonna get it set up this is a trophy taker rest so for you guys is out there who haven't seen my videos you can go look around my youtube channel or on the website whichever one they're on right now and you'll be able to find appropriate insulation for this rest they're not going to cover that too much time involved in it so we're gonna go ahead and get this set up tighten down the set screw on it also and you'll notice when you do that that you now have more clearance in the back where that plate we took the plate out earlier the little piece of stock now the rest are Bochum pletely down flat and this thing's gonna be awesome Chargers gonna freak when you get to shoot fobs we're gonna take the rod now and the rod comes a standard length and you have to cut it off because the fact that it's different draw lengths for different people have different both setups so it's already gotten a release mounted onto the end of it you can take this release office detachable it's got a safety feature which you flip over you can't push the button in and you can push the button in just off what you want to do is cuz leave the safety off and you're going to insert it in the top slot that's on the overdraw adapter slide all the way down and just clip it right to your string and it'll clip below your knot points I got to knock points on there now you're hooked up you can go ahead and reinstall the safety now that way you won't have any accidental misfires what we're going to do is we're going to use our foot to draw this back with one hand while we reach around and put a mark on this rod to where it needs to be cut okay I'll put my foot on the step like so I'm gonna ease back on the bow and draw it all the way down come completely the full draw then what you're gonna do is you're going to take your scribe and you're going to scribe the line right around the very front of where the first slot is here scratch on there okay then ease it down okay we got that cut we're going to take it over here real quick and we're going to sand it round so it doesn't have any sharp edges and have you ever seen a hacksaw that big nasty looking and lookie there you want to make sure that the first time you do it that it goes in that there's no burrs to hold it and voila we got our bow at full draw it's going to make Charlie really happy it might make Kenny really happy because Kenny might be getting digging this you know alright looks great it's easy to uncock to whenever you get done hunting so you didn't get a shot you don't have to fire it in the ground like you do a crossbow I have an extra bolt that you probably lose you just simply go ahead and pull back you take a little tension off of it push your rod forward back into the top slot and then ease it down and voila it's just as easy to uncock as it is to cock I'll go ahead and hook up the release to the D loop you push the button in push it forward and be sure that it clicks like so set your safety draw the bow back all right I'm gonna go ahead and put the arrow on I'd usually come in from the off side like so go ahead and snap it onto your string set it in the release and we're going to go ahead and test-fire this everything looks good we've got perfect clamps let's see how well it works bang hi almost the bull's I don't even have a peep sight okay that's how you set up the full draw by pulling archery as you can see it's a very easy setup simple to do a couple of cuts here and there BAM your setup ready to rock and roll you know the nice thing I like about it it has a modern appeal because you can use a drop of a rest you can use a toothbrush style rest you can use virtually any rest at you from ear familiar with more than likely can use the rest that's on your boat you need to call before you buy one of these and talk to them about the type of bow you have to make sure that it is compatible due to brace Heights there is issues with brace Heights real short brace Heights are not going to work just due to the fact that they'll hit to hit the back of the rest most of the cases though it'll work just fine alright guys well I appreciate you taking time to watch my video I hope this shit a little light on something that you didn't know anything about I'll catch you next time stay tuned you

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  1. That's a very interesting video to me, as I have a muscular desease that has meant I can now draw only a 30# bow and can hold for only a very short time.
    I have also had to switch to shooting left-handed as I can no longer draw with my right.
    Can you tell me how much the full set up, including footstirrup would cost to ship one of these to Sydney Australia.
    I am currently using a left-hand Bowtech Diamond Infinity.
    I would appreciate any information you can supply.

  2. check your local regulations before using this in a hunting application. im not sure how it is in other states but in Il, anything that will hold a biw at full draw is illegal to hunt with.

  3. I was told this by David Pullin "you can leavi it drawn till the string rots off and it wont hurt the limbs" thats straight from the owner of the company.

  4. Let me call a few people to see if they have them, I used to have them but sold the lastones with a bow DANGIT!! I'll let you know

  5. Great video Kenny,as always.I was wondering if you knew where I could get draw length modules for a first generation Oneida Eagle bow?Thanks.

  6. Man, I'm getting up there in age too. That looks like something I might add to my bow. Can you throw me the average price?

    Also, grttaxi says the bow is a XI Tomcat? looks a bit like my old Golden Eagle. New game show, Name that bow! lol..

    I always learn allot from your video's Kenny!

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