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  1. Hey Dave…love your vids. Check out my fledgling channel, I just posted a Crib Goch and Tryfan film that I think you'll like seeing as they seem to be your favourite places. Plus which an endorsement from Brave Dave would be muchly appreciated if you think it's deserved. Keep up the great work.

  2. I was there this weekend, I did the Watkins route, started at 9:11 and I arrived at the top of the first mountain at 10:30.. I dont know the same, it is the one which you have a great view of the lake.. The weather was bad so I decided to return but I wonder how far is the submit from there since I will try another day.

    Not sure if you can see this photo which you can see the spot I am talking about.

  3. I was travelling back to Pembrokeshire yesterday after working away. Woke up at 1 am and drove to Snowdonia. Started the watkins route at 06.30 and got to the summit at 08.30. I learned a lesson because i had no food before or on the trek, just water. Absolutely exhausted and weak carrying my back pack with water and binoculars etc. Once i started i could not eat any food that i brought and energy levels were so low. The last 100 meters was so tough. last time i raced up in 90 minutes and hardly stopped for a break. I want to try this horseshoe though.

  4. How do you add the subtitles? Do you use an add-on software to the editing software? Must have taken a long time adding those…

  5. Awesome. I am camping in Snowdonia this coming long weekend. "Unfortunately" riding motor bikes around the awesome Welsh roads, but you're giving me ideas. This place is right around the corner to where I'm staying!

    How would you rate this for someone who's not exactly "in shape"? Not running it, but walking.

  6. Amazing effort Dave. I'm also too cheap to pay parking, how easy is it to find a spot for free? Thanks

  7. You are a machine! A mountain fucking robot from the future! I live in Bethesda and really want to start walking, then scrambling. These videos are immense.

  8. Thinking you may help guide this year but I'm just wondering what is a 'reasonable head for heights'? I am scared of heights (I mean they are dangerous!) but know how to overcome fears somewhat from years of mountainbiking etc. As far as heights go I have no problem working on roofs and recently chopped some trees down using a chainsaw on a 8m high scaffold platform – hows that sound?

  9. You ain't brave, your a nutter ๐Ÿ˜‚ I could not be arsed to run it! I like to stop and gawp at the views

  10. Dave what advice would you give to someone who is physically fit enough to do these walks but is scared of drops such as on Crib Goch? thanks, love your vids

  11. The guided adventures are a great idea, very reasonable prices might I add!

    I did the Pyg followed by the southern part of the horseshoe a few months back… always thought I was ok with heights but I almost shat myself on Lliwedd, was kicking myself for attempting it, but once back in Pen-y-Pass the lure of Crib Goch was already calling. Just worried I'll freeze straddling it like the vid of the fella with his GF lol. Might have to take up your services when I have some free time if you're up to the challenge of coaxing me across

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