Brave housecat challenges LION

Brave housecat challenges LION

Hi Baggy You’re not meant for webcasting, are you? Just not a…not a cast kitty. Just not a… Well, look at her! She was gonna… She’s…look at her! She’s challenging Noey! Oh my gosh, Baggy! You WILL lose! Look at…oh my God. She’s staring her down. Baggy is not taking any guff from Noey. What?!? Baggy! BAGGY, abort! There’s nothing to be gained, Baggy. Baggy! Will you stop? Baggy, what are you doing? That is unnecessary. That is unnecessary, Baggy! I don’t think that you understand There’s like this perspective, and then there’s this perspective. Noey, why do you have to be instigating these things? She’s like “I didn’t it was her, you see her?” I know she’s got little kitty syndrome. She’s got a little Napoleon Kitty syndrome

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  1. Wow Baggy, I guess it pays to be crazy. Thanks to everyone for all the views & kind words! For more information about the non-profit exotic animal facility, check out

  2. looks just like my cat misha and she would do that too i think i have seen her stand up to big first i was scared but now i know she can intimidate them.

  3. At first I thought this was going to be a case of the lion and cat were clearly playing and you were click baiting us but nope, that tiny feline was seriously challenging the lion! Amazing!

  4. I felt the lion showed more signs of play and the little cat was terrified (I saw raised hair/poofed tail), but somewhat "trying" to play along/defend herself – cautiously and terrified-ly. I felt the lion respected the little cat's courage.

  5. All women are beautiful.
    I seen a Mexican girl I'm thinking about saying "hi" to next time I see her. (DIME) that takes BALLS Houdini

  6. I have a question, why do you call the cat baggy? I have a cat I call Baggs, short for Bagheera. He's a little tiny black cat that when he was just a kitten he had little Ghost Stripes, kind of "tiger like".

  7. Seen plenty of videos where housecats chase bears and pit bulls out of the yard. This is what you get for telling Baggy she isnt casting material; she promotes herself.

  8. My cats once hunted toddlers for their sweets, so there ain't nothin a cat won't face down, lions, tigers, and bears oh my!

  9. House cats truly arent scared of anything– except random cucumbers placed beside them when theyre not looking.

  10. So much for not being a web cast kitty. She's got more views on this video than all of your other videos! XD Your cat is AWESOME!

  11. Just shut the fuck up and let them play. We came to your video to watch cat challenge a lion. Talk about click bait.

  12. You cat is LITERALLY Captain America. Doesn't care if they are in a disadvantage. They will STILL face their enemy. SOOOOOO BRAVE AND CUTE!
    Your cat be like: "I could do this all day" wink wink movie reference haha ♥️♥️

  13. noey: the biggest damn horde of enemies you ever did see
    baggy: a single glass cannon
    derek: the rest of the party

    noey: enemy tank
    baggy: allied healer/allied squishy
    derek: rest of the team

  14. Der, hätte die katze sofort da weg hollen müssen,anstatt nur zu brüllen und zu lachen, das hätte auch schief gehen können,
    und die katze wäre jetzt weg.

  15. Noey is like why don't you come on over here to the other side of these bars Baggy, and we'll see if you're still tough 😏😈.

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