33 Replies to “Brawls break out at girls' soccer game”

  1. id be real hurt, but then i remembered im american. who cares about foreigner's opinion? not like any of your countries matter.

  2. i dont know maybe mostly everybody
    since its one of the most popular sports in the world

    …somebody is a redneck (you)

  3. god damn it ..its soccer

    like anyone in the world gives a fuck

    and its womens soccer that makes it even 50 time lamer

  4. Hopefully not for this soccer is a better sport than any other the only reason americans say its crap its because they watch college and major league soccer instead of watching games in Europe on fox soccer channel or Gol tv

  5. They have always been hooligans in this country only they were in other sports like american football where raider fans pissed on dolphin fans Jim Rome Sucks

  6. guess there are actual ultras (hooligans) in this country when everybody says they aren't liverpool fc,real madrid, and AC Milan for life

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