BREACH LIKE THERE'S NO TOMORROW!! | Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades | HTC VIVE | #5

BREACH LIKE THERE'S NO TOMORROW!! | Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades | HTC VIVE | #5

is invincible hello people welcome to Vinny video and as you guess it yes this is hotdogs horseshoes and hand-grenades by Rush limited and it will be on my top five to buy I'm not going to tell you here we're about it is in the top five but I believe next week we'll probably do an upload of a video of my top five to buy and but it's definitely going to be in there and I hoped you liked the the breech and prototype that we did there as well put a lot of time and effort into getting that made and thoroughly enjoyed doing it as well and also as well probably gonna have to go back into the good news IAM because we didn't do them fully press all the buzzers and everything like that so we'll give the good news him another go see if we can get a good time in and see if we can get all the buzzers so I've been watching these dev blog as well so it he has updated this a little bit to make it a little bit easier and ensure you later on in the levels which Betty's updated got a lot of a more there now and start okay I know somebody was saying that are well you can just hold your gun and do this and it's much quicker and which I agree it's going to be much quicker but it's just I feel as I lose the immersion you know I don't feel as though I'm actually climbing around when I am and when I am just using one hand so it just feels better to use both and keep the immersion so no messing about this time we need to get the quickest time possible see if we can get on the unofficial leader border so make sure we don't miss anything oh go there quick as you like nice here make sure we haven't missed anything got them all gotta shoot them all okay not missing any buttons here make sure not there hit my head okay oh no didn't get you don't recommend dropping it gun it's not good for the time okay all of them some more now go that's right come over here so as you may know this as well guys I'm not as our breath as I used to be the last time so I'm just playing this game it has made me fitter by this by the looks of things you know so this is one of the benefits I think of virtual reality though it's actually fun exercise you got that one there so you don't really think that you're exercising you know I'm just having I'm just playing a game I'm having fun so I'm more likely to continue doing it rather than you know oh look at that I'll miss that one just go back for that it's going to cost us time and I certainly wouldn't go into a gym and just run on a treadmill that sounds really boring to me and lifting weights does as well I could see why people like it but it's not for me and I definitely believe that there'll be more sort of games like this in VR where it's just fun to do and you don't really realize that you're exercising while you're doing it because it's fun go try and get out one now the ones what do sure if this this was here the last same in there the last update but think of everything and he's changed a different color as well now so that you can actually can't see won't to see that a distance now that I know that I've actually pressed it and because before I think it was just a small little tick so it was difficult and so it's really nice ease pop that in for us as well come under here poor I think we may have getting everyone in this time and so this is what he's changed I know people have been having a lot of trouble getting under this way and so he's popped in there's something else here so he can claim over the tops I would usually if I wasn't playing for a record time go underneath that because I do really enjoy this part of the we do enjoy this part of the air of the good news um but since we're playing for time you're going to mess about here people we're going to try and get the quickest time we can nice that's it smash your controller against the wall it's what you want to do right you definitely see me as an advice for new controllers at some point yes okay the question is are we moving at a good pace I don't want to look at the timer cause it'll just take more time off it's trying to look now all six minutes I think I saw the developer do it at about seven okay can't actually get that one like that so I'll have to come back over steady as she goes make sure not to hit my head dawn attempt at 10-second penalty and also rebuff okay but here in whoo that was close nearly hit me out there straight after saying I shouldn't hit me head as all nice oh nice push step I did it for one more okay home come under here close down for this one ah it's so weird as I really feels like I'm climbing around this or place like Anna feels like I'm hanging off the edge so presence in the merchants that amazing okay so I think this was it was the part where I got me ten point 10-second penalty as well so concentrate on this bit make sure we don't make the same mistakes twice riah sort of stretch okay ah no I wish you could pull yourself up there like that it only pulls your pathway so we're gonna have to come all the way around come and do it in less than ten 56 targets where will all the other targets there's one there that I haven't even bothered pressing I would still already take at the 57 oh hang on it's targets knock buzzers do one more that's weird is that doesn't look like I've press that one but it says all the buzzers are done 90 minutes 46 ice quickly quickly see if we can find this it's got to be somewhere let's see if for some reason this buzzer didn't change color it's a bit weird hmm well I know hang on take my stuff does that mean I hit them all confused let's pretend McCarthy 59 and we'll just say we got chariots in 12 seconds so yeah 10 minutes 12 seconds we got 20 buzzers and we also only got 59 targets so there's one sneaky one knocking about somewhere which we miss but as you can tell I'm not as out of breath as I was the last time so this game is actually making me a theater person probably just called a vascular obviously you're not really lifting and pulling your body weight up so it's not it's not you're probably not gonna get any muscles or anything like that from this but you are going to be at cardiovascular wise you couldn't be fitter and just if you haven't seen the other video check the other video out and you'll see how much I was heavy breathing I was there lay that daily from the first five minutes so now I feel like I can do this course at least three or four times before feeling a little bit out of breath and I imagine just that the more I play the more buzzers will get the bed at the time I'll get and if I do get a time I'm going to say something like 6 minutes like a really awesome time then I'll there I'll upload another one but I warn upload anymore where it's just sort of missing pauses and not as great time but as I say absolutely love the good news iam I always come back to this one now as well it's just a fantastic little addition to the game and he's still exploring it as I say he's added their new little bit as well for and people who have having difficulties getting under into the ground and what one of the nice things was when I was crawling under the ground in the last one my floor is actually wooden as well door so to see a wooden floor in front of you and to actually feel and touch a wooden floor and really really adds to the merge immersion for me so fantastic work guys Ross limited probably one of the best games on the vive at the moment to buy and it's definitely in my top five as I say and thoroughly thoroughly enjoy this one so guys that's it for hot dogs and horseshoes today def hello so guys that's it for hot dogs and horseshoes and hand-grenades today and next week we're probably going to be taking a look at the take a now look taking a look at the arcade prototype as well and now we may even have a few more attempts at the good news IAM see if we can get a really nice scoring and we'll probably definitely try and attempt to get the number one spot on the modular range so thank you so much for watching and if you did like it leave a like leave a like on Twitter add me on Twitter if you like as well and if you did enjoy the video subscribe now don't forget as well because it's the upload Overlord weekend for the four thousand subscribers we've got a couple of other videos as well you can watch em highly recommend their watching both of them and thank you so much for your support this week guys it's been a phenomenal amount of subscribers and we were only last week celebrating 1000 and we're now up to 4,000 subscribers or at least by the end of the day we'll more slightly crack 4000 subscribers I think it's something like 3,800 at the moment so we only need a couple couple of hundred more and and I'm just for ever in your death for all you've done for me and like in the videos all your comments and subscribe and like and on Twitter doing all that good stuff it it just makes the world a difference so thank you very very very much guys especially Lucas first minute or gaben lifters game and 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  1. Breaching like that’d get you killed instantly, and throwing away your gun is in no way, shape, or form a good tactic. Also, carrying 4 submachine guns is just a waste of weapon space.

  2. Wow vinny must have so much Play Space for his VR to do a Dolphin Dive wow. That was awesome. 😀 1:50 This is the first time watching your Videos they are so Awesome! you earned yourself another Subscriber! 😀

  3. You should get pistols on your chest just pistols not mags when the pistols your holding run out throw them away and grab new ones on your chest

  4. loved it when you shot yourself lol.. and your really good at the shooting range practice 🙂

  5. You should be like reaper and pull shotguns out and throw them when they run out of ammo, I wanna see that so bad!

  6. Hello there! nice videos! I have subscribed and i loved the intro ;D you are bound to be big keep it up

  7. you deserve 50 million subs for these vids i love the hotdogs horshoes and hand grenades vids. THAT RELOAD WAS AAAAAWWWWESOMMMME!!!!!!!!

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