[BREAKING] Woj REPORTED Durant & Kawhi are discussing playing together | SPORTS CENTER 06/29/19

[BREAKING] Woj REPORTED Durant & Kawhi are discussing playing together | SPORTS CENTER 06/29/19

yeah don't you forget it breaking news into Sports Center now whoa jizz here about Kevin Durant and Kawhi Leonard discussing their future watch and Ramona Shelburne I know is also breaking it so just to set up what you're going to be talking about it's the fact that there are two clear possibilities for these two to play for the same franchise the Clippers and the New York Knicks and Kawhi Leonard Kevin Durant have been discussing free agent scenarios in recent days weeks opportunities for them to possibly find some common ground in free agency there are a lot of scenarios for both players Kevin Durant could stay in Golden State he could potentially go to Brooklyn where Kyrie Irving is likely to end up and and certainly Kawhi Leonard he's got meetings with the Raptors where he just won an NBA championship the two Los Angeles teams and also the Knicks I really know you guys report well there are two teams that that this really fit with detail that place well both right right now and you look at who Leonard and Durant are planning to talk to in free agency and teams who have the salary cap space or can easily get it that's the Knicks and clippers and Brooklyn right now while they do have to max slots and they may have some communication and free agency with Kawhi Leonard I'm told that that focus would be more toward Irving and Durant if he went there but the Clippers can make a trade get that second max spot they have contingencies prepared and the Knicks are in position to sign to star players obviously this is evocative of the big three Bosh and LeBron and D Wade back in the day really started this communication among players forming their own super teams given all that these two individuals have accomplished winning multiple NBA titles multiple final MVPs how are their interests aligned and how would that play out with KD sitting out next season well it's unique with both Durant and Leonard both have been NBA Finals MVP s multiple times they won most whole championships and they're not necessarily ring chasing here now of course they want to win that's who they are but I think for both players market how an organization is set up how it is built around them and fulfills the things that they're looking for and of course Durant is looking at a full year of rehabilitation on that torn Achilles so lots of factors for both of them they'll see where the where they may have some alignment together that's what they've talked about but you know these are two players who any scenario that they would like to make happen players of that magnitude people would make the case those are the two best players in the NBA certainly pre-injury with Durant teams will move mountains to get those two in the city and you lay out their market possibilities for us because what you're talking about is both coasts so LA and New York why those would be attractive to these two in particular well beyond beyond money yeah why Leonard is from Southern California and that certainly has appeal to him Kevin Durant listen he has the Oklahoma City to Golden State and you look at where his list is right now the teams he's considering besides Golden State it's LA and New York and those provide listen he's got an outside he's got outside interests that are capable to LeBron James and having his own media company his own platform he's got the boardroom here at ESPN he's built something beyond the court and certainly those markets are helpful with that but I think both players to winning is important and they've got to look at those organizations and say hey who is set up for us you have those two together you're going to be really good what organization might be able to give them everything they want in what marketplace lots of options for both of them as we keep an eye on those guys whether they end up together or separate there's some more guys we're watching Kimble walker Kyrie Irving facing crucial choices take us through through that stomach with klay Thompson all the the other caves as they line up what he expect to happen with them well as we reported yesterday klay Thompson is going to go into free agency with a five-year 190 million dollar offer from the warrior he and his agent had told them that's what it was going to take to resign him to keep him out keep him away from taking meetings clay Thompson in the Warriors will have a deal very quickly on Sunday night so we do know where at least one guy is gonna go Emma Kemba Boston Boston's prepared for years 141 million dollars they can still move some money around to get that max lot from him he has moved on from Charlotte those two will get together on Sunday night as soon as they can at 6:00 p.m. Kemba Walker is on his way to the sellers in Kyrie not quite as finalized but his focus is on Brooklyn he would like to get Durant there to play with him but Brooklyn is still engaged with the Angelo Russell that is not in stone Brooklyn's plan all along were two stars it was not Kyrie Irving as a solo act the plan was let's bring in two and so that's what they're focused on right now using Kyrie to help get another big player in with them might they consider now you know with what we're hearing Durant and Kawhi well thank you I mean moving off the the point guards and and listen if Kevin Durant and Kawhi Leonard said they want to come play for your team you'll sign right up for it but I'm told the focus for Durant in Brooklyn and and you look at where Kauai is interests are it's more Kyrie Irving Kevin Durant there Kauai I think who wise focus in free agency all along has been the Clippers and it's been Toronto now that the Lakers have the cap space that's a conversation he can have with them Wow yeah fun this is great all right whoa don't go anytime I brought like a sleeping bag covered up making a big impact without a big salary which under the radar NBA free agent you should watch on your team's roster we're so happy to have Rhodes and Ramona on ours with this breaking news today on SportsCenter this the weakest move I've ever seen by Cisco if is the sports story Reverb in this world where a year delivers – the back-to-back Kevin Durant come to rants at that place where the all-time greats get crossroads of physical and mental superiority goes down holding his leg right away he do it he's a good teammate a good person it's not fair how devastating is this injury to Durant's career this just in to SportsCenter according to Adrian war Janowski and Ramona Shelburne free-agent stars Kevin Durant and Kawhi Leonard have been discussing the scenarios that could include a future with them playing together to clear possibilities according to woge and Ramona for them to sign with the same franchise the Clippers and the Knicks yo Adrian as he joins us now what are we to read into this and what sort of details and flavor can you offer well you know when you have great players like this out in the marketplace no matter how close they might be they're going to interact about the different scenarios that are available to them and Kevin Durant and Kawhi Leonard have been doing that Ramona and I have been told and you know the two teams that they have really significantly in common right now on their free agent lists are the Clippers and the Knicks both teams you know have the ability to go sign two free agents the Nets can do that too a more likely scenario for Durant if you went to Brooklyn would be with a point guard Kyrie Irving but it is a conversation that's been ongoing and it just you know speaks to how how wild this free agency period is going to be because there are so many big market teams with max salary spots there are so many big stars available and it creates opportunities for players to talk about how they might fit together right talking about creating their own super team effectively how close are they and how close are their goals aligned it's unclear to me how close of a relationship they have I know there's great mutual respect these are two you know you could make the case that it might be the two best players in right now certainly Durant is going to miss Nick's either all of next season or very much most of next season with the Achilles injury but it makes sense and certainly you could imagine in LA for example with the Clippers just think of the star power in Staples Center and Davis LeBron James on one end of the building Kevin Durant and Kawhi Leonard on the other and certainly in New York with the Knicks – it would obviously instantly revive that organization but I think especially for I think here's the thing with both of these players though I think they're both fiercely independent guys I think they're going to make a decision based on what they want I think Hawaii Leonard they've both won championships they've both been final MVPs they don't have to ring chase here they can go and live I mean have an organization all right we're on to them so again this is one scenario in place there are a lot of scenarios in this free agency I wouldn't read too much into it that hey this is inevitable it's not but if you're Kawhi Leonard you're Kevin Durant of course you're having these conversation well and you said that neither of them has anything to prove but is there a sense that neither of them wants to be the guy alone that perhaps going into this with somebody else takes the pressure off well I think players of that caliber understand you can't win without other great players and I think you know Kawhi Leonard did it a little differently now he was on it he was on a great San Antonio team but certainly some of their stars were a little more on the back end of their career when they beat Miami and then in Toronto a very talented team but he was the guy and we know what Kevin Durant has been a part of in Golden State it's been a unique a unique set up a unique group of palan unlike we've ever seen in the league you know guys in different parts of their career based on what they've experienced they want different things and I think there are a lot of decisions for both of them to make there are a lot of great choices out there and that's what this is where it gets difficult for them I try to parse it all out and say what makes the most sense for me could it be with him evocative of the big three in Miami and and all those talks that went on many moons ago it seems like it started started all of this that's right it's wild and you are all over it woods stay tuned as they say in players that received all-nba honors didn't play for the same team the following a season Glen Rice as well as Hall of Famers Scottie Pippen and Mitch Richmond were all traded during the lockout-shortened 1998-99 season NBA front office inside of Bobby Martha's whither are you spent us you spent two decades in the Nets for an office this franchise now has a chance to land not one but two superstars in Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving it how should Buckland approach these meetings well I think they're both different here now we'll start with Kevin Durant here's a player that will likely be out for most of the 2019-20 season your pitch to Durant is about 2020 as far as how the roster is going to shape out if it is a player like Kyrie Irving that is going to join and how how this team can be built without remember Durant will be there for another three years and as far as how they can sustain it remember they've got a nice young core with Kara's levert Spencer Dinwiddie Jared Allen they've got some future draft picks down the road and and they've got the flexibility there and the other thing is too is that they've got a wild card they've got dr. Martin O'Malley who is the Nets team doctor who did the Achilles on Kevin Durant here and so there is that familiarity there and I think with Kyrie it's a little bit of both it's about now 2019 and also the future and and if I'm Kyrie and I'm sitting there in the you know with the Nets it's what does it go to the roster going to look like if Kevin Durant doesn't come here what is the plan B with the thirty-five million dollars in caps base is it a player like Tobias Harris is a player like Marcus Morris is it a player like Nikola Mirotic because of course there's no guarantee that that Kevin is coming here so I think there's a little bit of a give-and-take for both sides but for Kyrie it's about now and then what that rosters gonna look like in the future also let's go to the Warriors who were hoping to keep Kevin Durant and klay Thompson neither of whom would be available to start the next season with their injuries and your injury recovery if they were able to keep both that's 380 million tied up in luxury salary and logic attached for next season so what would that roster look like at the start of next year well the roster would look like what we saw in game in the game 6 loss to Toronto without clay and Kevin Durant it's similar to Game three when clay and Kevin didn't play Austin I think when you look at the roster right now besides Steph Curry and Andre with Allen draymond Green it's it's you know it's minimum players here and and here are some of the questions that they have it's already 123 million dollar salary without Kevin Durant that includes klay Thompson your 14 million dollars over the salary cap as you said there's a 220 million dollar difference with Kevin Durant on the roster next year and without and then what do you have left to build out you've got the 5.7 million dollar tax exception you have the 1.6 million dollar minimum to exceed the cap and then you have your own players like a player like Kevon Looney that we could put in right now you have the bird exception you can exceed the cap so maybe bringing him back on a 5 to 7 million dollar salary you have your own free agents Jordan bail Quinn cook you can exceed the cap to bring both those players back but you're looking at really bargain shopping we can talk about players like Trevor Ariza Wayne Ellington Jamal Crawford but if Durant leaves it doesn't automatically open up 32 million dollars or 38 million dollars of new money here interesting in that I don't think that's the team that the Warriors want to start their new arena with they will see what happens it should be good NBA free agency officially starts tomorrow 6:00 p.m. mountain NBA free agency is pod Sports Center as you covered from KD Kauai Riaan biggest stars will have in-depth analysis on Flair movie team them dense salary cap implications all coming from the best NBA insiders and reporters in the business with the best voices on how the NBA landscape will change sports centers continued coverage of NBA free agency all week on ESPN and breaking news on this Sports Center Kevin Durant and Kawhi Leonard have been talking amongst themselves about their futures and possibly playing together that from a report from our agent Ward announced key and Ramona Shelburne the Clippers and Knicks have the salary cap space to sign both stay tuned we got for all NBA players from last season who could be heading to new squads in Kevin Durant Kawhi Leonard Kyrie Irving and Kemba Walker there's only been one time in NBA history with three players that receive all-nba honors didn't play for the same team the following season Glen Rice as well as Hall of Famers Scottie Pippen and Mitch Richmond were all traded during the lockout-shortened night

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  1. Only the sports media keeps mentioning the Knicks. Watch. Nobody of note is going to the Knicks. Its silly to keep bringing em up like its the 70's or something

  2. For me If Durant and Kawhi had a talk.. it is more likely about Injuries about how Kawhi overcome that.. these people are so assuming just to have something to say.

  3. They aren't ring chasing because it isn't happening. Woj…STOP LYING!

    I can't WAIT until tomorrow so all this bullshit stops!

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  5. Durant is Done. He will never be the same. People better get used to that. Kawhi should stay for one more year in Toronto to defend the championship and let everything fall into place. Durant not being as good anymore is gonna change everything. Any team betting on Durant is stupid. He's a 20 point a night guy when he gets back.

  6. So you telling me kd left okc to team up with the gsw who knock them out the playoff now he’s going to team up with kawhi who bitch gs and kill they dynasty lol I don’t see this happen but hey!

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