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  1. To those who think martial arts is crap because of the false instructors and individuals who practice and teach it, this video proves bren's technical prowess and this guy can easily break into the mma if he combines his taekwondo with bjj or judo

  2. off course Bren Foster wins cos he is World Champion of WTF while Scott Adkins is only an actor he never fought any fight neigther he have experiance in real tournaments

  3. Never hear anyone in Taekwondo say its not a good martial art for street defence. Well out of the thousands of martial arts in our world taekwondo is listed in the top 10 worst martial arts in the world for street fighting self defence. 90 % of fights go to the ground. No need for breaking boards either. No boards to break in a street fight. Karate has worked itself in well to mma although. Not so much taekwondo. Other then some kicks. Their stand up defence licks scrotum hard. That elevator self defence lol that is staged on here lol you get a fuckin good white belt in bjj in the elevator even in that scenario with taekwondo. Fuckin double leg the dude against the wall of the elevator. Natural instinct also as bjj belt system makes taekwondo look like fuckin childsplay. Sorry all you die hard taekwondo freaks out there. Stand up defence fuckin licks also. Although they learn deadly counter punching . Very upright art form. Also any martial art the average kid can walk into and become a black belt in a year and a half to 2 years. I would never take. Very usless art form but still entertaining to watch. Breaking boards now a days aint remotely impressive. I see why its in the top 10 worst arts in the world.

  4. Those who always complaint are good at nothing. It will take years of discipline to show this level of acrobatic skills. This is not about self defense but just a small demonstration of what you'll get.

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