12 Replies to “brian brazeal style horseshoe heart”

  1. Very nice work Dave. I learned a lot from you in Clay Spencers class at the folk school a couple of years ago. You are a very talented blacksmith. Thanks, Paul Whitty

  2. I made a couple of these after watching this video. It took me a few attempts to get it dialed in. They are really cool.

  3. The anvil is on a steel stand and is bolted down to the stand via the bolt mounts on the anvil. The shake and movement is comming from the anvil not being fastened to the floor. I have since driven 3, four foot long rebar stakes through the stand and into the ground. It's still not as solid as bolting to concrete, but it is MUCH MUCH better.

  4. I recommend using one inch by one eighth inch material and strap the anvil down using lag screws. Drive a wooden wedge between the band and the quim of the anvil to tighten it. Stakes will come loose and often.

  5. I've sold more hearts than anthing else I've ever made. Keep up the good work, Dave. And if you do ever mount that anvil down, you'll be kicking yourself in the butt for not doing it sooner.

  6. It could be used as a trivet for a small pot or pan, and also for a a small picture frame. Things don't have to have a purpose in order to sell. People like them and people buy them because they are cute!

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