38 Replies to “Brick by Brick: Women's Fencing Semi-Final: Shin Lam's sit-down protest”

  1. >Japanese talk about the dokdo is their country but it is worng.

    How do ””YOU" know they are wrong? And why South Korea still doesn't dare to prove it in International Court of Justice even Japan is offering to do so? The answer is very simple. South Korea knows that the island is not theirs.

  2. You suckers Korea is a great country. It's not same as japanese.
    Japanese talk about the dokdo is their country but it is worng. We need to tell this to the bad goverment in japan.

  3. And what? it is true that korea was a vassal state of china, but we don't rape people like you guys did back then. Wasn't it you guys who first made sister porn, mom porns and etc? Stop blaming korea for something fucking weird thing. I think Japanese are the one who lost their minds

  4. It was not like that, there was 2 moves in 1 sec before the winner point. So ufair, that sec should never be reset, because another point was imposible in 0.3 sec.

  5. I love stop motion animation.
    Thats why I use it in my videos!
    (God, I feel like i'm advitising the bloody thing.)

  6. for an hour after the appeal and the result ? she had to be removed or encur a black card ( disqualification)

  7. I feel that epee lacks the precision of foil fencing, you can land a point anywhere, with foil it can only be on the torso. Sabre is ok, but again, you can slash instead of hitting them with the point, but it only counts on the torso. I like foil fencing 🙂

  8. this was a horrible thing to happen to the poor girl , they should of put more time on not just one second.

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