Brick Calculations — Simple Wall

Brick Calculations — Simple Wall

So here I’ve got a single skin of Brickwork and what I need to do is calculate how many bricks actually need to build it so what we need to work out is the area of the wall, so we need to know the length sorry the length and the height of the wall So we’ve got 2.370m long and 2.054m high so to work out area length x width or in this case length x height Gives us 4.868 Square metres of our wall so now what we need to do is work out how many bricks are in a square metre, so if we take the section which is a metre by a metre, and if you want to count all those You’ll come up with about 48 and a bit bricks so as a rule we use 50 bricks per square metre, it does give us a little bit it’s a little bit more than what is actually in the square metre, so there is some waste allowance there, but 50 bricks per Square Metre is the rule that we use]so now we know how many square metres are in the wall, and how many bricks are in the square metre we can times those two together to get our bricks now the other factor we need to consider is how thick is the wall or how many skins are there This case there is only one skin of Brickwork, so we don’t have to times it just timesing it by 50 will be fine However, if it was a double skinned wall or double thickness wall, then we could times our answer by 2 or we could just use 100 instead of 50 for our factor So you need to pay attention to how many how thick your wall is, see if it’s two skins thick you just times the final answer by two But in this case, it’s only ones can thick so our area times 50 times the number of skins which is 1 gave us 243 Bricks Now you always want to factor in some sort of waste allowance just for breakages and cuts and that sort of things, so 8 to 10% and maybe even 15% to be good so our 243.4 times 5% gave us 262.8 bricks obviously we can’t buy 0.8 of a brick So we need buy or we need 263 bricks to build our wall So there we go very simple method of calculating the amount of bricks you need in a brick wall

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  1. A simple way to be thaught,

    Please mention the size of the bricks so that 1sqm of area basically can be calculated to arrive 50 bricks.

    thanks and cheers πŸ™‚

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