Brink of Death on the Brink of Niagara's Horseshoe Falls

Brink of Death on the Brink of Niagara's Horseshoe Falls

Niagara Falls a popular destination for so many is today the site of an unfolding tragedy a man teeters on the edge of death wedged between a rock and a hundred and seventy foot drop into the roiling waters below firefighter Gary karela has made war rescues from this treacherous River but he's never seen anyone this close to the falls I was quite shocked at first that somebody could be standing there and not he swapped over to save him Gary and his fellow rescuers must put their own lives in jeopardy knee-deep in the icy torrid the man struggles to keep his balance Gary and another firefighter climbed down into the water we really felt the clock ticking at any time he could be swept over and all your efforts would have been for naught they try tossing a life ring but it falls short the situation appears hopeless we were close enough where we could see the fear in his eyes a rescue chopper is called in to try and reach him with the life ring it was a one-in-a-million shot if it went a little bit too far past him he may have been swept over the falls then disaster the downdraft of the rotor blades throws the man off his feet he desperately clings to the rock his legs dangling over the edge my heart sunk because I thought he was gonna be washed over the falls knowing they have only seconds left before all is lost a crewman on the chopper makes one last-ditch toss though man dies grabbing hold of the ring there's more trouble the victim was swept underneath the ice had the ring just around his one arm in his oval Gary and his partner scale along the frozen shoreline braving the current that tugs them toward a watery grave in all his years as a firefighter Gary's never faced a rescue this perilous one wrong move by the victim and he may have been lost one wrong move by us and we may have lost one of us finally they reach him just in time sergeant Moriarty was able to grab his one hand he had him by for Fears that was all that was between this gentleman and going or the falls carry harnesses himself to the man and together they're hoisted to safety despite severe hypothermia he makes a full recovery thanks to the men who refused to give up when his life was so close to slipping away it really was a great feeling and everybody really worked well together and at the end it was something really to celebrate you you

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  1. One thing that dosent really make sense to me, how exactly can an individual be in debt as in ‘owe money’ to a casino? Like once your out of money the casino game won’t play anymore so it’s virtually impossible to have to owe money back to them? Perhaps they exaggerated a bit and he really had already lost over $600k to the casino? Anyone think this is the actual case?

  2. why didn't the 2 firefighters just walk towards the man and grabbed him? They were, after all, secured by ropes.

  3. How the hell was this a suicide attempt? The man clearly didn't want to go over the falls.
    All these comments saying how selfish he is and other suicidal people are etc this video clearly shows the exact opposite of him being suicidal.
    In reality he was clinging on for dear life so how do we know he wasn't just walking on the river bank, stood on some ice and slipped into the water by pure accident?
    Short answer..YOU DON'T so cut the ignorance folks if you would be so kind, and as for the late people who have jumped into the water and deliberately gone over the falls….well they're not here anymore to defend themselves so don't be cowards speak to or about those who are still here and can defend their actions.

  4. Just saw this video on the Weather Channel – I wish I knew exactly with no doubt what he was doing out there to warrant the rescuers to risk their lives(even though that is their job) to save him! They could easily have gone over the falls.

  5. He could get help for his gambling addiction..there is AA for gamblers..this is an all too common problem and it's a form of addiction . Wanting money to ease the pain of his life…AA helps but it's called something else i think for gambling..maybe GA ….most people don't find it helpful until they make Jesus their higher power….He's the only one who has the power to change one's life..i know.

  6. What a brave rescue. Thank you to the heroes that saved this man. As for the man, I hope he's found peace and happiness in his life.

  7. Yo I won’t even go to near the fall what happeneds when I fall it will be scary I hate niagar falls it suck and not safe

  8. compare those person who were true suicidal look at the golden gate suicidal people, they jumped without any consent, compare to this one waiting for a floating duck before jumping. funny.

  9. Would you risk your life to save a stranger’s? I’m not talking about a baby or a little kid. Would you risk your life to save an adult who put their own life in jeopardy because they were despondent and thought they wanted to die? Please let me know what you think. 🤔

  10. My dad worked with now Major Patrick Morrarity as a NY State Police Officer. This agency has more crazy rescues and this one is the craziest one I ever seen. There is no finer law enforcement than Patrick.

  11. The man unfortunately had a Niagara Falls sized debt and he felt helpless, depressed etc. I hope he made a few dollars from the 15 minutes of fame so he could pay it off. He probably didn't though as this happened in the pre-internet age.

  12. a person who really wants to commit suicide doesnt wait for the rescuers to save the day. he was simply looking for attention

  13. He was saved by hard working life risking fire fighters. Once he got pulled out and recovered he then got calls to pay his gambling debt and then he decided to go in again. He did this until his debt was wiped out.

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