27 Replies to “BRITISH FOOTBALL FAN TURNED AMERICAN SOCCER FAN:// Lansing Ignite, Lansing, Michigan”

  1. What a cool opportunity! We love soccer too! We just got to see our first proper futbol match in Madrid last year 🙂

  2. Im seeing this video for the first time and on behalf of the Assembly Line SG (I was the dude in the orange helmet with the bass drum), thanks so much for supporting our city and our club. You guys are always welcome to join us on the terrace. Cheers!

  3. Aww.. how did we miss this one! Lol! Live sporting events are always so fun! We are big fans of football though.. American football not soccer! 😂 But G3 does have a Lionel Messi jersey (a souvenir from Barcelona)!

  4. Hey guys! just came across your channel.. we are new supporters! My son is a huge soccer fan- he starts spring soccer next week! Your son is adorable.. can't wait to see more of your videos 🙂

  5. Soo much fun!! ⚽️In our kitchen..with applejuice!! 😆We are super into hockey, especially with this year's playoffs!!🏒 💞FV always from us and a big 👍21! Thanks for sharing!😊🌹☀️✌️

  6. Amazing👍you have a nice content👌👌💕💕💕just joined you#322❤hope you too support back me🤗

  7. Привет, рад побывать у Вас на канале! Очень интересный влог, футбол Супер игра! Давайте дружить, приглашаю Вас в гости, большое спасибо!

  8. Hello guys, I have just discovered your channel, love it! I have a challenge that I’d love you to film in one of your videos! Spelling bee challenge! Dad and mom must first think of 5 words each, you then must give your words to each other to spell. If you spell a word wrong, then you have to take a plate of shaving cream to the face. Plate of shaving cream to face for each mistake made!

  9. hi! nice video..🖒😊 friend here👐..I have done what I have to do☝. Hope you do the same. THANKS.

  10. Awesome experience!! beautiful and super cute video =) we are soccer fanatics Alonso loves this sport!! big like 15 and new subscriber here!! =)

  11. Looks like Dad made it here before me but you know I gotta watch this!! So cool you got to meet the whole team!! Love the sculpture with the gears!! So cute he likes to vlog!! Looks like a great time!! Cheers!!! Football!!!

  12. That looks like a ton of fun! We had no idea Lansing had a soccer team, we will have to check them out with the warmer weather. Hope all is well friends!

  13. Haha funny this has come up tonight as I've got hubby next to me watching Arsenal v Watford…he's very happy-Arsenal won.
    The boys are naturals! Didn't realise gambling was illegal 😮

  14. That looked like fun i don't get into soccer but might have to check it out. Lol I like how Johnna agreed to smash the ice cream in his face.

  15. I went to a football match when I was 17 and come break time mad rush for toilets I kid you not my feet were off the ground made me feel so claustrophobic 😂😂thankyou great video as usual 😚😚😚😚

  16. The editing game seems more polished this video. Love God please send me that subcribe animation! Or a link to where I can get it.

    Lol. Thanks for actually watching. Gearing up for my Marathon Livestream no breaks for 8 hours + (Starts Saturday 3PM) Crazy how hard it is to set up something where you can only say the same three words and nothing else for hours. Gonna try a 20 minute test run later in the week. I know there will be unforseen problems. The words are 'michigan humane society' don't try this at home. 😋

  17. What I like about soccer culture is it's that. A culture. Not just a game for far more of the average fan. Of course other sports have that but it seems particularly well devolped with soccer. I do prefer WATCHING American football, so much easier to follow the tactics due to the stop-go nature. Gambling illegal. Bah humbug. The immoral billionaires rules. Not betting on your team is like not like taking change out of the collection plate 🤣

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