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  1. This episode is to admire old British sport cars so they don't insult others. If the stig really drives a real 205 GTI, it could blow them 100 blocks away.

  2. Just so you know like I said in a previous common before you guys think about making another America joke just remember what you said when the British won the war that America build your asses out the same as making jokes about you guys drinking all the time to just remember that

  3. Coming from a "dumb American bloke who likes to watch" I swear, every British car has something to do with Healy, TVR or Lotus lol

  4. The reason why the Elan was the best choice…

    It's engine was not made in Britain

  5. The Lotus M100 Elan is actually a very good car. Alright, the car's exterior was made out of fiberglass but this and others measures were taken to make sure the car was very light, as it only weighs about a 1000kg. Also the 1.6 turbo had a 0 to 60 time of 6.5 seconds and the handling was absolutely sublime. By many magazines and reviewers it was and still is seen as one of the best, if not The best handling FWD car ever made.

  6. Can you imagine top gear in 2050 withe the same chalenge. 3 cars in a budget =
    bugatti chiron
    Ferrari la ferrari
    Maclaren P1

  7. So a basic diesel is close to that "sport" cars … The GTI will smoke all. The 205 GTI still looks great nowadays. And the 205 T16 will burn any british sport car of that era.

  8. They all beat the stig. I gotta finish this entire series at some point. I’ll probably start from the beginning.

  9. "look at that tvr in my mirror. and that Jenson… cornering so flat.." rolls like an ocean liner lmao

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