Broadhead Test Comparison Slick Trick, Afflictor, G5, Archery

Broadhead Test Comparison Slick Trick, Afflictor, G5, Archery

hey everybody what's up it's Corbin here with Corbin's archery and as we're trying to do now is upload a video weekly to inform all of you and our local customers so what we're doing in the shop some of the products that we've been using and testing out and one of those products right now is the afflictive broadhead if you've been in our shop where you've talked to me you know that I love every broadhead it's part of the issue I love every bow in the market again another issue I just feel like some of these items fit particular people better than others today I'm going to be shooting the customers both technical realm ads it's set at 50 pounds I'm going to be shooting a hundred grain means to 3/4 cut afflictive broadhead we had a customer that was concerned that they were kind of clinton so down on the end of the range right here we've got dot which I'll probably miss we've got a dot down there on three-quarter inch thick solid good-looking Pablo I guess that's an oxymoron but it's thick and some of you will say well it's not a bone it's not this it's not that all funding pilots at that thickness is pretty daggone strong for most of your game out there if it's gonna blow through there and stay intact and you got a dang good product let's go ahead and shoot it now here we're shooting a 55-pound blow and it's a twenty seven and a half inch drawing there's nothing wrong with the broad head the tip barely made it through the other side of the plywood and what we're gonna do now is we're gonna get it out of there and see if there's any damage to the broad heads again at 55 pounds with that thick of plywood wits about how much penetration we got him obviously a lot thicker than animal all right everybody we're going to get a hammer to hammer it back out now we're back at it we saw that the afflict er at this low poundage bow had a difficult time getting through the quote 3/4 plywood however the broad head stayed intact we did not break apart until a hammer on with a hammer to get it out and then it started to break the house of God but now another popular brought head around here is this Ram cat which we may not be able to see very well but it's a fixed blade it's got a unique little style – it's got a little spin to it I am 55 pounds all these 100 grains it's one see what we do penetrate some logical sticks so st. pound is bow you can see the penetration we got the flicker did this is actually hammered out after it went about that far up the veins but now we have the RAM cat let's flip her over and that's the penetration we got with the RAM cat just a heads up there like the RAM cat went all the way through it did bend the veins considerably I wouldn't shoot them again they're not very sharp still but it didn't make all the way through the three quarters Bob would at a 50 with a 55 pound bow where the inflictor did not but again if you're shooting a big expandable I highly suggest you be over that 60 pound range when you're shooting that they've been expandable they make some locate yeast like we've already tested for you if you'll check out our other YouTube videos below you'll see us shoot a 55 ke rage that's a thing that goes SS 85 and they would penetrate this they're just made to not use as much kinetic here everybody now we're going to shoot the qat Exodus this is the over shaft version comes up over the shaft the arrow and 55-pound bow 27 and a half inch trolley okay now as we can see the Exodus did not it really didn't penetrate any further than what the Schlichter did the ramjet obviously put a much bigger room penetrated much more than both of those two so I'm gonna leave that in there a little bit we'll go ahead and take that out it's kind of deceiving because this actually went a lot deeper than what it's showing cuz we hammered and everybody now it's the g5 havoc of a short draw length little poundage bow well as we can see the havoc is due did quite a bit of damage in comparison to the Exodus and the flicker it actually went probably more penetration than what we got out of the ramjet so we're gonna do now we're around to with the slip trick the same gave me that big nasty scar I started through it a knot in the wood which isn't fair to the broad head or the other broad heads that we're shooting so I'm going to shoot it through more solid piece and let's just see what it does alright buddy we got about the exact same penetration you know that fixed blade as we did with the Exodus and the afflict er at that low poundage on that bow so now we're gonna go ahead and switch everything up we're gonna show you all these back through with a 29 inch drop bow or a 28 and a half inch strop Oh set at 69 pounds it's not gonna be about text me and Matthews Triax they're still gonna be similar in speed same kinetic energy drawing for draw length and speed for feet speed some of this a little bit and we'll fire all these again through a higher comment all right guys we're going with a soda pound low now 28 28 and a half inch drawings they're gonna post some call me into you're preparing bow to bow I'm just comparing mounted to draw link these were both us both compared to the realm speed while they were really similar just as faster to do this and adjust that particularly will come to your flicker but as we can see when I have it blew through with a higher poundage and going through the plywood I wouldn't necessarily of these I would not shoot that broad head again unless it was life or death but that broad head still works just fine we had full penetration again that's what happens with a bow and you're using obviously one the penetration test for the low poundage bow and short drawings but we're going to shoot through this bow now obviously excellent penetration as you can see it's actually basically the same amount of penetration that we got with the lower poundage bow so if you're shooting the lower bound is bow obviously I'm not gonna recommend the beef but they do make some smaller diameter ones we're putting that again the RAM cat would be an excellent selection for low poundage pose any of these fixed blades to be honest with you penetrate the same amount as if Lichter the RAM cat did has had the best penetration yeah lower poundage but at 70s exact same is what the Flickr was sorry it takes me a little bit there's over a neat little o-rings on these Ram cats that run the slit Richter's so now we've got this lip trick again the standard at 100 drains with the longer draw length and higher poundage so slick trick which did not go through at the lower poundage plow through at the higher poundage everybody g5 havoc it's to play expendable which plowed through it 50 just slop a ram cat did obviously it 7 wasn't it did just like it did it the lower poundage excellent penetration again blades luckily look okay I've actually probably shoot this one so we looked at overall here is that we know that at the lower pounders you need to be conservative with a broad head that you're going to shoot you're not going to shoot a 2-inch cutting diameter broad head despite it penetrating the exact same is what we got out of our slick tricks and our exodus the rampant and the g5 having both out shot that at lower counter 270 they're all pretty much this thing

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  1. First part of the video was good but to many variables were added into the test later for it to be an accurate test. Different draw lengths and poundages greatly change the transfer of energy as well as two different bows but same length of arrows.

  2. Is this a penetration test or broadheads test? Naturally lower poundage will not penetrate as far. But, I have never NOT HAD a complete pass through any animals including 285 hog in shoulder with 55# 341 grain at 27 1/2" draw. I have also never lost one animal, all were found on the day they were shot. Penetration tests are subjective. Just saying. But, it was a very interesting video.

  3. You need to watch the Ranch Fairy / plywood has a lot of variation inside the layers… your testing is void… go hunting and report your results…

    I shot them at wood… I don’t hunt wood.

  4. amazing our ancestors were able to hunt at all without all of this…………animals are not plywood

  5. I shot two deer in the same day with a slick trick at 49# 28.5" and both blew right through both animals and stuck in the dirt. With a 335 gr arrow.

  6. sacrifice a doe rib cage and shoot into it..real meat and bone tells u more..halk side of beef or a hog if u can..we always did that in those days of really wondering what different heads did..

  7. I keep seeing these test…folks are doing on ply..what are the test the tip companies are doing…leather deer strap and some gelatin behind it would be more realistic for the purpose of the arrow tip I would think…I am not sure of how much thicker bear hide is compare to deer but I'm sure ply wood is not practical to any of these tips..not trying to bash what you are doing but, skin and flesh test are real. No one is out there hunting bucks or bear with ply wood hide

  8. Hello and thank you for adding this useful video. Is fantastic. Could you tell me the model of each tip you used in the video please? in order of how you used them if possible.

    Thanks so much

  9. Great job. I can't believe how good the Havoc did. I would have thought a bigger cut like that would penetrate less.

  10. Great demonstration on broad head performance at the different poundage's. Selection is key for your setup to get the ethical kill.

    Awesome Job Korbin's Archery!

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