42 Replies to “Broadhead vs. Elk – (Craziest Archery Elk Kill Video)”

  1. Great shot and amen! Don't let morons trouble you, stay true to your faith and fire up the grill, God's bounty is good!

  2. Great shot. Nice way to quickly dispatch an animal. But "lord"? Really? Did he shoot it for you? Guide your bolt perhaps? All you, no lord.

  3. Would love to hunt thise Hunters man! Would loove to! In times of accessible food everywhere at every time hunting is killing for fun!

  4. My uncle still has the record for biggest buck in my county, with a bow. I'm hoping to take up bowhunting soon. Great shot brother

  5. Beautiful shot. I no longer hunt game because i no longer eat meat. But it was beautiful to see young kids hunting. Ill fuck up some squirrels and rabbits tho ✌🏻

  6. У дров чешется живот, я вообще на тазике сажаю солнце, в анархии с маслом, короче земляки пусть не наши думают что я чо то умное написал!

  7. Нет ничего хуже чем сделать хорошо, чего делать не следовало вообще

  8. Just because people don't agree or don't hunt does not mean they are morons they just don't understand and they don't get it they're not stupid

  9. Excellent job. I have elk hunting on the bucket list. What state were you in? What broadhead did you use?

  10. Well done good sir. Quick humane kill. Good shot placement. Some people will say it suffered , it didn't. Suffering is being chased by a bear and having it's throat ripped out , bleed to death agter being eaten alive. If anything you gave it a great death as far as dying goes. Amen . We were put in charge of the Earth and that which is on it by Him.

  11. This is one rare case of an animal dying so fast. Most hunters suck and are bad shots so animals run off and takes them hours to die and bleed out.

  12. Hey, you killed something. That's great. And I can see you enjoyed it too. I suppose I should be glad you have our four-footed friends to go after, else I expect you'd be eyeing up a school somewhere and fingering your AR-15

  13. you should hunt like these innocent animals with a crossbow to sense pain and suffering to see how. the tumor ate you died in the worst of trouble.

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