24 Replies to “Browning Cobra Recurve Bow – A Voyage Through Time”

  1. Part of the passion found within the traditional archery culture (vintage archery, as I like to call it) is looking back at the history of modern archery. This enables us to learn from it, as well as preserving it, by utilizing the same gear and methods used in those early years of field archery and bowhunting. This video has personified what I am attempting to articulate, and I really enjoyed the entertainment and educational value of it. Awesome video, brother! This should be a recurring thing!

  2. My brother gave me that same bow for Christmas. I love it and will use it in my blind for Turkey season which starts in a week. Thank you so much for the video it was great!!

  3. Hey I love the channel!
    Your vids help a lot with me looking for products online for my survival and archery gear. Plus I’m training and teaching my daughter as well, so I just wanted to say thanks!!

    However I’m stuck right now. I can’t seem to find a recurve bow that’s is closer to your dads bow size.

    Do you know the length or size dimensions that your dads bow was I can barely see the info from the pictures in the video?

    Do you have any ideas or suggestions to help find one?

    Like a certain company or brand?

    What is the best bow to start teaching my daughter on in your opinion?

    And again is there any brand that you would recommend?

  4. Nice shooting and great video. I wish more people would get there information out there and share with each other before it is lost.
    I have tried to get some information on older bear bow and have contacted bear and they do not have that information. Also I ask that you return the favor and subscribe to my channel I wish more fellow archers would support one another thank You.

  5. Great video. The Browning bows are sweet shooters and extremely light. I have a Fury1 and 2 also a Backpacker 1 takedown. All still work and shoot great.

  6. My wife used to shoot a Cobra back in the 70's.
    Your story brings back good memories.
    I still shoot an 80's Browning Target Compound Bow today.

  7. I have two. A 55# and 40#. Dad gave me his 55# when he could no longer shoot it. I always get positive comments when I shoot them at archery gatherings. Thanks for sharing, Browning Brother!

  8. A very nice video. To possess the bow that your Father hunted with must have a nostalgic and positive effect. Sincerely, I'm jealous of your story, but positively, of course!

  9. Thanks for the history-interesting ! Are there still s traditional bow makers in the USA ? I would like to see how they make them today .

  10. Cool video man. I liked it. Love the concept. You’re right about digital age. Keep the videos like this coming.

  11. Great video and topic. Thanks for sharing it.👍👍 Browning makes some nice bows . I have a Browning compound but not sure of the model. Nice grouping! Very cool you have your Pop's bow.

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