BRUTAL ABS & CORE workout with a Stability Ball | Full workout & My Top tips

BRUTAL ABS & CORE workout with a Stability Ball | Full workout & My Top tips

what's going on everyone welcome back to another video today's video it's all about ABS you've seen thumbnail we're just gonna be training in ABS today with a Swiss ball with this I bought this from Amazon it's about seven pounds you can get different sizes as well so this is a probably about a medium so if you're quite tall you need a medium one or larger size so the entire workout I'm gonna give you an easy version and a harder version also and I'm gonna do a voiceover give you the tempo the rest the rips as always so yeah hope you enjoy the video don't forget to leave a thumbs up as well so we have the stability ball hanging leg raises this is much harder than it looks make sure you squeeze the ball with your legs throughout and always breathe out at the top so breathe in when you bring your legs down and breathe out and really squeeze your abs at the top of the movement now with this and every ab exercise make sure you take it nice and steady it's not erased so don't rush it so if you struggle with the hanging leg raises an easy alternative would be the lion leg raises also if you have a glute or find that you can't fully rest your lower back on the floor I find putting your hands underneath your lower back or using a towel really helps and stops any lower back pain also make sure you breathe out again when you raise your legs up and really try to squeeze your abs every single rep if you are strong enough you can use weighted medicine balls for this also so next we have the standing stability ball rollouts make sure you brace your core by keeping it tight before you roll out the ball a trick is to squeeze your glutes at the bottom of the movement and also make sure you breathe out every time you roll the ball outwards so a progression to the standing ball rollouts will be once you get down to the bottom of the movement use your hands and roll the ball further away from me this move looks simple but it actually forces your core to do a lot more work to keep you from falling over remember to keep your core tight throughout and don't allow your lower back to cave in so an easier option to the rollouts will be on your knees again keep your core tight breathe in when you roll the ball in and breathe out when you roll the ball outwards so next we have the stability ball jackknives these are great for your lower abs again make sure you don't allow your lower back to sink down keep your core tight and make sure you maintain control throughout the entire movement engage your core and take the deep breath in before rolling the ball and once you roll the ball in towards your chest breathe out and control it back to the start position so an easy alternative will be going down on your elbows this gives you far better stability and then you can progress gradually up on to doing them on your hands a more advanced progression will be one leg all jackknives now please be careful this is a lot harder than it looks and make sure you can comfortably do these with both feet before even attempting this and again make sure you fully engage your core and focus on your breathing throughout the movement next we have the stability ball Pike this movement if done right will really strengthen your core again make sure you engage your core before rolling the ball in and I also try and make sure my head is in between my shoulders keep my leg as straight as possible when I roll the ball in again deep breath in before you roll the ball in and breathe out as you fully extend your leg on the eccentric phase engage your core throughout the movement and do not relax it by allowing your lower back to cave in so this exercise is slightly more advanced if you are up for a challenge then this is a great core workout and requires a lot of core and upper-body strength make sure your feet doesn't touch the ground each rep and alternate each leg also again be very careful when you're trying this if you're not comfortable doing the stability board jackknives and pike then don't attempt this once you're very comfortable with the first two I just mentioned an easy alternative to this will be a decline plank this can be done on your hands or on your elbows as you can see in the video so the next exercise we have the stability ball crunches and what I tend to do is with my hands pointing upwards when crunching up imagine you're trying to touch the ceiling again breathe out when you come up and squeeze your abs for dear life each rep and then to make this move slightly harder you can add a weighted medicine ball and then finish by crunching upwards and holding the position for as long as you can remember to breathe out air all the air from your stomach and crunch and hold for as long as you can again thank you all for watching and I hope you find this video useful if you do try these workouts try and pick at least four exercises and aim for two sets around 12 to 15 reps each if you enjoyed this video then forget to please leave a thumbs up and if 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  1. Memo corrales le escribo de Colombia me gustan tus rutinas muy buenas lo seguí en el trámite muy fuerte. Un abrazo

  2. Very good video Obi! You make an excellent trainer. I will try some of these later, the ones that I know I can do. Love the British accent.

  3. Dude thank you. Those plank rolls put were amazing. I use to do the ones on my knees and this elevated to the next level!!! Thank you your channel is amazing as is your physique

  4. How tall are you sir? I'm 6´6 and standing roll-outs 1:51 are more challenging than climbing Mount Everest.

  5. Amazing form and execution !!! I love the modified side leg extension move what do you call it? Great workout thanks!

  6. On the one where you pulse out…are you doing reps of 12 where you pulse out five times each rollout, or were you taking a rest and you pulse out 12 altogether? I was a bit confused there.

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