Buck & Rut Archery Deer Season 2015 Pennsylvania – Royer

Buck & Rut Archery Deer Season 2015 Pennsylvania – Royer

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  1. If you want good bucks you cull the small bucks, not the does. The small bucks with stunted antler growth need to be culled out of the herd. Even a young buck with good genetics will pass those same genetics to its yearling. I’m from Texas where they practice this, we also harvest does but cull a lot of small buck. A few years of this practice and you’ll see a huge difference in the quality of deer. States that don’t allow doe harvest only hurt the herd because hunters shoot a lot of young bucks with good genetics and take them out of the gene pool. Kill all spikes, bucks with one spike etc. You have a lot of bucks that need to be weeded out. But at least you have plenty of deer!

  2. So tell me how old a buck must be to pass on his blood line? Old or young DNA is there… I saw two distinct horn patterns on your land… Both seem to have rt side slow growth or no growth… I say you have too much competition… Hold a hunt to kill off all those under 3yrs with anyone who wants a deer… Then those does will have few to choose from… Once mature, your bucks look great.

  3. Where I live in Ny it would take 3-4 seasons of hard hunting to see that many bucks . People around here shoot spikes and small rack bucks all the time . NY needs antler restrictions. This is why this past season I hunted Pa for 2 days and got a nice 8 point . I will be finding more areas in Pa to hunt . Mostly eastern Pa . Pike county

  4. I've seen two buck? I've seen two doe? Buck and doe are singular not plural. This new form of modified English seems to be getting popular on deer videos.

  5. Texas A n M did a study of how many doe get bred by dominant bucks….Study in south Texas…Most bucks do not breed over two doe in a season. A few produce five offspring. Young bucks breed just about as many doe as other bucks.

  6. I hunt pa state game lands. I pass up all kinds of bucks to. I see a yon every year. There 4k acres and as far as i no im the only one that hunts it the past 4 years. Theres some monsters there. So i understand why you pass up the deer you do

  7. Qdm goes a long way. I wish I had neighbors like you. It's a shame when people shoot deer that aren't at full potential wether it be doe or buck. I would take a 200 lb 4 pointer over a 160 lb 8 pointer any day. The horns are a bonus.

  8. I really enjoy your videos John. Looking forward to see what you have in store for this year. Keep up the good work!

  9. too many little bucks the big ones get tired of running them off and will make there territory smaller so they don't have to compete as much

  10. honest point: perhaps the little bucks are of the same lineage as the bucks you wish were breeding the does. is nature vs. nurture a discussion to be nurtured when speaking about nature?

  11. Johnny, I love watching you guys videos. I was born and raised Clearfield County. Left when I joined the Army. Been back a few times to hunt with my dad before he died in 2010. I live in Georgia now and hunt when I'm not working K9s in Iraq.. Keep the videos coming. Love them. They bring back great memories.

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