25 Replies to “Build a horizontal fence and fence gate”

  1. Good instruction, EXCEPT … the constant fast jiggling and movement of camera gives a person a head and eye ache, a sense of vertigo, makes a person dizzy which makes it difficult to watch.

  2. Great looking fence, just wondering, any reason why the latch and lockable part are on the outside of the gate? Shouldn't the gate open inward and be locked from inside the yard?

  3. This is such a Zen video.

    Be the fence…

    Great construction techniques and tips with lots of attention to details

  4. Great video….What saw did you use to cleanly cut off the top of the posts? I''m assuming that normally, you'd surround the post with cement. In this case, it looked like 3 sides….And why cedar wood for the planks? Finally, what was the stain you used? Thank you.

  5. Nice work, only issue is, Cedar is not renewable, takes decades to grow, whereas pine is renewable and though not as nice looking, still we keep our Red wood forests for our grandchildren.
    Think about it. Stop using Cedar, ,,,yes I do havea cedar fence here in new orleans, ,,made before I visited the Redwoods in N California. all cedar cutting must stop

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