Build a Log Cabin with Fence Posts In My Backyard

Build a Log Cabin with Fence Posts In My Backyard

36 Replies to “Build a Log Cabin with Fence Posts In My Backyard”

  1. I enjoy your series, have a half section of my own and wanted to build, but the municipality took it over, and are gouging every cent they can get out of the residents. One thing I would really like to know- what are your essential tools? Good luck.

  2. I am 68 and now feeling the effects of aging. You are smart in being able to do it while you are younger. I helped a friend build a cabin, and built my scribe from materials I had laying around, using his as a pattern.

  3. You want to stay active and be doing in the future what you are doing now but perhaps slower but never stop as if you do your muscle mass drops and you find you end up being able to do less and less. I am trying to build a rock wall but cannot find anyone to help because two years ago I lifted them in myself, now I cant lift most of them as my muscle mass has dimished.
    There is a Facebook Historic Timber group you may be interested in as it covers a wide array or woodworking and some may well be of interest to you. I sent you an invite, if you want to join it. Some of the things you do could well be of interest to them as they cover the whole world.

  4. I could buy a forest here and not be allowed to live in it as our planning depts are narrow minded and unknowledeable.

  5. just a point re the dog and her bone, cannon bones can be dangerous, they can get stuck over the bottom jaw.

  6. Great workmanship sir forget the critics everyone has opinions. Do it your way sir. Blessings to you and your wife and lab. Cool videos great property such wonderful nature!

  7. Me and my frend that we grew up together 1st grade on built a cabin we lived for 10yrs after a rough winter we lived good we went to work. And went to the store got food. Cooked. Ate like kings

  8. I'm 63 wishin I would have been more like you Shawn…I'm pretty sure you're doing it right. I am building on to my cabin in the woods now for my retirement in August. Plan on spending my retirement years modeling your lifestyle. God Bless you my friend. I'm glad I found you & you've been a great influence in my life.

  9. Great video. I totally get that you have the skills to do this without modern power tools. But you could make things sooooo much easier, and exponentially faster, by using them. Either way, I wish I had your skill set!

  10. I just wanna tell you that I think it's awesome that you are "taking on too much" … There's nothing wrong with chasing your passion!! Kudos to you!! Keep pushing forward and let the critism pass you by and into the rearview mirror!! I love what you're doing and thank you for sharing your knowledge and learnings!

  11. I’ve watched most of your videos and you sir are a SAVAGE!!! Building without power tools, just because you can… that’s awesome!!! Keep killing it! Love the series. It’s funny I’ve pretty much watched your videos from last to first, I gotta say your filming and editing skills are also superb! 👌🏽

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