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  1. Mr. Ng
    Yours are the most entertaining and informative videos that I watch here on YouTube. I look forward to each new video but I also watch whatever pops up, such as this one. I know I’ve seen this one several times and I enjoy it each time.
    Thank you.

  2. Nice work, as always, William.  Since I have a Delta Unifence, I adapt differently.  Maybe some day I'll change it for a Biesemeyer but after 25+ years I have designed various jigs for my fence that serve me well.  Most proud of my simple mortise and tenon jig built from scrap wood and PVC board, except for a pair of hold down clamps.

    Unrelated to this video – and hope you are still monitoring this – what brand/model is your roll-up extension cord?  From various videos you've done, it appears that you have had at least two different ones.  I've looked at some big-box products but all have bad reviews and too-low amperage (16- or 18- or 20-ga. cords).  I'd want to cover 15-amp circular saws, sanders, etc. that will last a good many years.  Thanks.

  3. I made this jig. Works great, nice idea so simple Save a lot of time when moving from the table saw stop to this jig

  4. Question on your table saw sled… Is there any "science" that determines how much sled you allow on the right and left of the blade, or is it purely an arbitrary dimension? Figured I'd ask so i don't have to make another one due to an oversight. Thanks again William!

  5. Great video, but I really don't see the need for the deep throated clamp if you're gluing and nailing it to the center piece on top of your fence, it already should be a pretty snug fit therefor the nails should  align it. Thank you.

  6. Super Hand Model??? – Bwahahaha. Your sense of humour is so dry you could use it as a dehumidifier – cough

  7. I have a vintage 50s Craftsman contractor table saw. Should I do something to make the original fence wider before I add this?

  8. Great videos William. Thank You. How many inches of clamping throat do you need for a 7" tall jig? If the tick mark is 3" up wouldn't 4" or so be enough?

  9. Nice Job!!! You sir, are a joy to watch and from which to learn. Question: Why did you cut a rabbit?

  10. Is there any reason you used 13ply for you Fence? What would be bargain brand Plywood you would use if you were on a budget?

  11. Very nice build and excellent video with clear directions. I especially like the little segment on your Felder Saw. My Delta Unifence rail is almost identical (in shape, at least), so I now have an option for some fence upgrades. The fence is very accurate, but the shape limits the add-ons. Thanks much for the tips. Just subbed your channel. ATB

  12. I, too, am a hand model when I am not painting homes. I wonder what do you do to keep your hands so soft? Any secrets? Palmolive? Bahhhaaaa!!!! Thanks again for sharing your art!

  13. Thank you for your videos William, I like your work and I’m looking forward to building some of your jigs especially the mitre sled & fence jig, I have a question which I’m sure I know the answer but just need you to clarify, the last cut you did on the multi function table saw jig is it to create a chamfer so as to get a perfect reference without out saw dust interference and not quite sure what you did( how much and did you tilt the blade?


  14. Thank you William for sharing this simple jig. I built it a few weeks ago and already it is indispensable.

  15. Great Video William, You are a Master in woodworking. I enjoy your videos I learn a lot from them. I wish i lived close enough so i could attend your school.

  16. Good to have you back! I use a lot of composite flooring for table saw jigs. It's very dimensional, durable, slippery, and easy to work. Use plywood and pine to hold stuff together, but I haven't found any affordable alternative that works as well.

  17. can you / would you use this as an upgrade to the fence that comes with a contractor saw? I have a Rigid contractor saw, I have not been able to justify the expense of a full-size table saw as a beginner woodworker. The fence on my Rigid is not rigid at all and usually, the outfeed end is 1/16" to 1/8" off of the infeed end. any help would be greatly appreciated.

  18. I thoroughly enjoy your videos. The instruction is clear and accurate, and your projects are beautiful. Your sense of humour is fantastic. Love your work all round.

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