27 Replies to “Build a Small Backyard Shooting Range”

  1. From my observation is, he built this after he hit his neighbors house. Why would he be building this with a berm, ties, and a bullet catch in side if the new guy that moved in did it. 🤔

  2. Exactly how I built mine. I have 125 yds out the back door of my shop and a 25 yd berm for pistol shooting. It's a dream come true that was part of my plan when I built my retirement place.

  3. Those railroad ties are hard, dont be surprised if you dont get a .22 round back in your face some day. Years ago we were shooting into a brushpile and a .22 round came straight back and hit my nephew square in the chest. Of course he thought he was bullet proof after that ! 🙂

  4. I know this is a older video this is exactly what I was looking to do in my back 40 and like you I want to know the rounds are not going anywhere they are not supposed to be thanks

  5. Please remember it is a disrespectful act to place a shooting range on your property line. If you’re going to build a shooting range put it in the center of your property not where you’re spent ammunition is crossing your nabbers property. Be nice to your nabbers and they’ll be nice to you.

  6. Real railroad ties are HEAVY! When I was younger my dad got some that came off the Ben Franklin bridge. We built a retaining wall 3 courses high. I am big and strong but holy crap.

  7. one time one of my neighbors was shooting a 22 and one of the bullets went right by my other neighbors head.

  8. Man screw pile driving them pipes in by hand use the bucket on that tractor to drive them suckers in the ground. You got to work smarter not harder buddy but you did a great job all by yourself

  9. I can appreciate a thoughtful neighbor. Kinda hard to have good neighbors when you're shootin at em. That's the reason I have my old 1100 shotgun loaded with turkey loads for home defense, I put an extended tube and a light on it but that's enough. They might need to repaint but I won't shoot through their house like I would with buckshot or my AR. I'd take shots with turkey loads that I wouldn't with buckshot, the closest house is over 100 yards away. Here's to hoping we never need em.

  10. Nice setup. I think it would be a better set up to anchor the cross ties together with drilled holes and rebar as already suggested, then back filling with your bucket loader the clay dirt around all three sides up to roof top level or higher at the rear. Thanks for the video. Happy shooting!

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