Build Mini Underground Swimming Pool

Build Mini Underground Swimming Pool

Make it a rectangle. You may want to make it slanted, like we did. Make sure the lines in the dirt are perfect. Now, to make the roof. *Making Mud* This is to keep dirt from eroding. The Grass acts like a sponge, or a mat. Now, time to fill the pool. We’re almost done. Hard work pays off. The pool is clean and refreshing.

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  3. Honestly seeing these guys build stuff like this is more impressive to me then modernly built homes

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  5. There are two types of people in this world the ones that work and to survive and ones that live in America😅😅

  6. It's very difficult to build it in Minecraft but I build in Minecraft it's so hard 😅😆😂😆😅😂😆😅😂😆😅😂😆😅😂 love your videos also I subscribed to your channel

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