24 Replies to “Building 70 Feet of Wooden Fence MM 93”

  1. I just build an 8-Foot High Double Sided Crowned Privacy Fence about a bit over 150 feet long. It was my first time ever building a fence. Can I say something?

    I wish I watched this before. Just wasted half my life learning while doing it. Peace.

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  2. Sound quality is quite awful, but otherwise this is really great video>>tinyurl.com/y35sa8wr Such an effort is put into this simple box. But it sure is sturdy if done like this. Only thing bothering me was those screws. Everything else was done by precision but screws seemed to have no geometrical logic on their placement.

  3. Why did you leave a gap and then cover it with another board? Was that just the way you wanted it to look or did it give it more strength? Thanks for the video.

  4. Sir you just save me a ton of money I have 2 friends will help to build our fence
    Where did you purchased your post /nails / materials
    Thanks for this well awesome job

  5. I love the tool you made to prop one end up wile you nailed in the braces! I'll likley be installing my fence by myself so that idea will come in handy!

  6. Great video I enjoyed watching your techniques and will use them. I love the style of how the boards look installed.

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  8. Man, you need to be more safety conscious… no protective mask and no safety gloves while using concrete is a big mistake. If anyone of you is going to use any concrete product beware of how dangerous it could be if you do not protect yourself. The same goes for pressure-treated wood.

  9. I'll definitely use the jig as I am doing my fences alone. Thank you for this wonderful idea. Greetings from The Netherlands. 😘

  10. For all that say dont put pickets to the ground.You need the pickets to touch the ground for the support of the weight it carrys accross the poles in between. Now for rot, even if you left the fence off the ground from day 1 does not mean it wont rot later, because the ground over time will build up, so put the pickets to the ground it help support the weight….im sure this guy knows gravity/weight.

  11. thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you! I'm gonna make mine JUST like this. I've heard nothing good about the Lowes prefab panels.! This looks super strong! Did you stain?

  12. Ive only watched about 3 minutes of this video so my opinion doesnt mean much yet but "Dag Gone iT" i love this man. Strait shooter this fella. Kinda guy you'd ask to take your wife home if you'd had to many. Need a shovel? Just ask this guy! He'd shovel your driveway and clean your gutters. Solid dude right here. Subscribed, Liked, and shared.

  13. Very good video and I learned alot as im thinking about doind a board on board fence. Do you still recommend spacing pickets 3.5 inches inbetween pickets or would you go wider? Thanks for sharing

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