Building a Board on Board Cedar Fence – Part 2

Building a Board on Board Cedar Fence – Part 2

25 Replies to “Building a Board on Board Cedar Fence – Part 2”

  1. Why did you do board on board, typically you would want to do the inside with boards to block the gap and this allows a air flow through the fence.  You are like me in Louisiana and due to hurricanes with the wind.

  2. Thats the kind of fence that lets you walk around your own damn yard naked without anyone getting upset.
    I need this fence!!

  3. That is a really nice looking fans I really love it nice and beautiful job who said girl can't do it man's jobs you are asomé good job

  4. This is beautiful. I am a home owner and plan on building by back yard privacy fence. I like the overlapping idea. Did you use redwood? It look nice and I think it's more durable?

  5. Super interested in the cost comparison to vinyl. I really do not care all that much about the 2 different looks.

  6. I watched this video, because I never heard of a "board on board ". Then I quickly realized, where I live, it's called a "shadow box fence". The only difference was the runs you ran across the top. It makes it look much nicer.

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