30 Replies to “Building a kids primitive recurve bow from Osage Orange”

  1. Wonderful bow. Im a bit dissapointed I didnt get to see your son shoot a chicken. I just finished my first succesful osage bow today and am considering recurving it. The wood was less than optimal. Had knots twist etc. I ended up with a short bow with a 49 inch string but it shoots. How well is to be determined. I also need to weigh it.

  2. Really like this video, thanks for sharing it. I'm making a bow for my son, and have found your bow building videos very insightful. How long would you expect a kid's self bow such as this one to last?

  3. It's always nice to see a father teaching his son and not just leaving him to rot in front of an Xbox or Playstation

  4. Awesome video, maybe hand the kid a pair of safety glasses, considering his eyes are just in height with the drawknife, stave and splinters

  5. this is outstanding! i'm still working on my home depot maple bow, but now i want to find some osage for my grandson! thanks for sharing. your videos are excellent.

  6. Great video, thank you! Got a wild cherry stave to make a bow for my five year old. @Clay Hayes: Any chance you'd make a tutorial for a bow this size? If not, what are the approximate measurements / draweight?

  7. Great stuff, what fun thing to do with your kids. Hoping to do the same. Next lesson: leave the chickens alone!🤣

  8. How long did that take you and your boy to make that bow? It was so fun to watch you two working together.

  9. Man that is doing it right, some good daddy skills budd. You might need to get some more chickens if you turn your back too long. lol

  10. My nephew was happy when I made a bow for him but I feel he still prefers computer games. 🙂 Oh well, maybe one day…

  11. Love it start them young , l remember as a lad some 50 years ago going to work with my Dad ( sadly gone now ) memories of them days still make me smile 👍👍👍

  12. Just awesome.. What a great thing share your passion with your kids.. Beautiful! You're lucky as much as your family!

  13. it's such an honor to bear witness to the birth of a new generation of the primitive bowyer/hunter. won't be long now before he's dragging game in with dad. thank you for sharing the memory Clay.

  14. That is a lot nicer bow than any of the ones I made as a kid from ash or dogwood saplings. At the end it looks like Fen wants chicken for supper.

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