8 Replies to “Building a Shooting Range & Backstop-Day 1 of 3 (Living the dream…)”

  1. Bud,..you sure did make a mess there!…I suggest a 2 part dig!…dig the dirt the 1st day and stack it,….and load it the 2nd day!….1st part:dig and smooth out the bottom and stack the dirt!..2nd:put the excavator on top of the pile of dirt and load the dump truck!!..it's easier and faster!…food for thought!…(I dug 40 acre lake @ 60ft,years of experience)…feel free to ask questions!!…Kapper!

  2. If they extended duck plot is going to be planted next year you'll need that good dirt! thumbs up Kap

  3. Kapper wish I lived close to where you did I would come help you for free just to operate equipment again since I got smashed and all broken up I can work maybe one day I can meet you

  4. That range is gonna save you some money. I’m less fortunate to have a free range. $20 for 1 hour of handgun calibers and $37 for rifles. There’s a new range openly by me that will have lower prices but still sucks.

  5. You dug out the "good" dirt to uncover the clay then used piled up the dirt as a berm versus clay (cover clay with dirt so grass can grow to stabilize the berm)? What's on the other side of the berm, just more woods (hopefully)?

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