22 Replies to “Building a Vintage Recurve Bow (trailer)”

  1. Love that bow . It definitely looks like hedge wood / Osage orange … what ever the heck it's called . Thanks

  2. Hello
    I Have two questions about bowmaking…
    How do you treat snakeskin when you are backing a bow, could you maybe do a video or reply to this,
    And would the local hardwood in my area make for good bows, the outeniqua Yellowood

  3. I bought me a pear of the moccasins you did a review on and they are great and still holding up well

  4. Why you dont show how to made the bows step by step im trying to made one but i need more details…

  5. I haven't been able to watch through all of your videos yet so I might be mistaken here… But have you ever considered doing a primitive spear hunt? I know you've already done plenty of videos with the atlatl, primitive bows and things of that sort but ever considered either a sling or a spear hunt?

  6. Whens it comming out? Its been 3 weeks. Ready for the new content. Love the channel!!

  7. Looking forward to this video. I have the bell icon pressed so I won’t miss it. I’m still going to work some more on the short bow I made, I’m going to tiller it some more, hopefully I can get it close to 28 in draw.

  8. Ive tried some bowmaking before however here in sputh africa our few descent bow woods arent great so i have had to make 6 ft bows that are about 35 lbs in draw weight

  9. isso que hé uma verdadeira obra de arte e desyne muito amigo parabens ai sucesso…………………………

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