7 Replies to “Building and testing wakeboard kicker [timelapse]”

  1. Can someone please tell me how to keep a jump still in the water and keep it from moving when you use it however I’m talking about a portable one like the one in the video

  2. Is the kicker still alive? (I'm thinking about the wood getting rotten in the water and stuff like that) I'm also planning on building one (probably next year tho) and I found this video very helpful. I live in Sweden if you wonder. Have you guys managed to perform any tricks from the kicker like 360s or something. I thought that the airtime on this (with a little bit higher speed) would make it possible for tricks. Maybe you should build a smaller kicker after the landing with a rail swell😉

  3. Recommendation:
    Edges are at 90degrees, this is very dangerous. Add some sides with at least 45 slope towards water. If accidentally impacted from side it could seriously injure a rider. It will also help stabilize your off center approaches

  4. How many people does it take to lift your ramp and what is an estimated good length and width to do it. What did you anchor it down with and how high is it right now??

  5. About how much did you spend on all of the expenses on materials I am thinking of building one to with my brother I might use fibre glass for the top part of the ramp though you should take the top off and try that you will glide off the top better

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