22 Replies to “Building our first Wattle Fence”

  1. I have areas on my property, other than boundaries, where I've wattled vertically through barbed wire. It's painstaking but the end effect looks amazing…..

  2. Just LOVE the moss! Hope this isn't a stupid question but…. did the moss continue growing and begin to cover the walls and the arch? If so, I would love to see a recent pic!

  3. Nice! It's so useful to see someone doing these crafts, reading about it in a book just doesn't quite cut it. How long do these fences tend to last? Do they have any upkeep, would it be an idea to varnish or preserve the branches in some way?

  4. I want to build a small one as kind of a privacy screen next to my little porch. But I can't find the slim sticks to use. 🙁

  5. so! I live in southeast Alabama and we're starting to make use of this family property we've recently came into. me my wife and our 2 year old and so this is a high maintenance property that's been let go for 8 years and I'm learning how to make these fences, any tips of what type of saplings you guys use??

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