Building Science: What Is LP® SmartSide® Siding?

Building Science: What Is LP® SmartSide® Siding?

welcome to building science where we
take a look at the innovation behind some of the leading products that you
use every day I would take a look at the process and
ingenuity of the world’s leading manufacturers today we take a look at LP
Smartside trim and siding on building science building science has traveled to Two
Harbors Minnesota on the shores of Lake Superior and in a town of nearly 4,000
people the LP manufacturing plant is truly the epicenter of the area the
product manufactured in this building is one of the fastest growing in the market
space this is LP Smartside engineered wood
siding it’s a popular upgrade for many homeowners and offers beauty more
importantly durability using special waxes resins and preservatives to
prevent damage and decay from insects and the elements so what’s so special
about this product and why should you care? understand now? Here’s Brad southern to
explain more our product is a composite wood product it’s an engineered wood
product and now what that means to me is we’re taking a basic raw material which
is Aspen and we’re adding very sophisticated resin as a binding agent
very sophisticated zinc borate as a treating element and then a very
sophisticated phenolic resin overlay adding that in with a very basic
material which is chipped up Aspen and making an engineer composite wood
product that is better than wood what we do here at LP as we put all that science
together into a product called smart side that we’re very proud of and that
we believe is the best product in the marketplace what I find very exciting
about our product is the performance of our product it you know we do a lot of
customer tours in this mill and we bring people through are very skeptical to the
product you know you hear the comment that it’s OSB with paper on it and
people come in they learn the process they see how it’s manufactured they
understand the durability of the product and once they’ve been through the mill
and they’ve used our material it’s it’s sold it and the repeat customers it
isn’t something that somebody uses once and there’s any kind of disappointment
they stick with it when you think about the product itself and the way that it’s
engineered the way is put together the specifications and the standards that it
has to meet that’s based on real sound data based on years of research and
development so we have a proven design that we know works and then we have a
manufacturing process that is tightly controlled from beginning to end so by
the time it comes out we know that’s a good quality product knowing what goes
into the products that you use every day might not keep you up at night but it
should make you think for instance did you know that this product is made from
regenerating trees and that’s just the beginning
Aspen is one of those trees that when you cut it down it regenerates from its
own roots when contractors come through our plants
which many do to see how the pallet product is made
they’re pretty all struck by the technology that underlines that the
quality control we’ve put into the product and they come away with an
understanding that this is a fairly sophisticated process it’s backed by a
really robust technology platform they become you know even bigger advocates
for the product once they’ve seen how it’s made because of the sophistication
of the manufacturing process some people talk about you know our
siding being similar to his feet it is similar from the standpoint that
we rely on strands to make up the backbone of the product to make it as
strong as it is but as light as it is but the strands themselves are actually
smaller so you get a more uniform substrate OSB commodity OSB use is much
larger strands and that is done by design done by design by very
intentional design next time on building science we show you how they turn this
into this into this it’s an incredible process you have to see to believe for
building science I’m Adam Grubb

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  1. Well what it actually is is they have over harvest trees worldwide so now they're down two small trees they want to make more billions so they cut those small trees up they wouldn't get enough wood out of it so now they're harvesting him and turning in this garbage because they're using small trees what are they going to use next blades of grass why don't you just stop harvesting

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