14 Replies to “Cable Wakeboard Tricktip Nollie Jumpstart (ENG)”

  1. Really enjoying the videos of yours that I have watched so far. I have been dabbling at a full size park for 3 summers and finally making some progress this summer. No real tricks yet, but am getting very comfortable riding switch. I have finally gotten the courage to ride up the XL (Uniforce kicker XL) switch and even landed it. I am decent on the nollie start too. I just now previewed your raley course and you said where you are in Austria. If I had known you were only 2.5 hours from where I was staying in in Maria Alm last summer I would have come for some lessons!! I'm looking forward to learning a lot from your online instruction. I'm sure you will see some of my money in that I will surely pay for the raley tutorial soon.

  2. Can you do a video tutorial for a basic jump off of a kicker. I'm just starting to learn and ride. I can land the jump but I keep slipping backwards

  3. hach fetzi, wie ich deinen dezenten, aber doch unüberhörbaren akzent liebe 🙂
    immer und immer wieder!!!!

  4. Good one bro, love that you post tricks for all levels and expand the trick with variations.
    Keep up the good work.

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