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  1. The maps in Bo4 multiplayer feel so small, Also with the specialist added. 0:21 is really why. I dont care about quality, rather have a good gaming experience

  2. You forgot the dlc from Bo2, its called "Studio", its the same thing from Firing Range but its little diferent the looking

  3. I just don’t like how they used so much color Bc to me I always say the place a a military base so no cartoon style but in bo4 it is very colorful

  4. Funny thing is, when i first got Bo1 i thought it was really colorful, a little cartoonish. Compared to Modern Warfare, now its like anime now.

  5. Black Ops 1 is one of my favorite gaming memories and will also hold a special place in my heart. I love the remasters in Black Ops 4 but I do wish COD did not go so much for the cartoony style. BO1 still had colors without making it cartoony

  6. The Mood , lighting and colors in BO1 is far better than BO4 . The Maps in BO1 is so natural and pleasing to look at , while in BO4 its too saturated and feels made up

  7. Is the map a dlc or it’s a normal map that u do t buy and the same thing with the summit

  8. Bo1 graphics are much better and it was Running good on old gen. Now Black ops 4 Looks shit on ps4 Pro and runs Bad.

  9. No offence but bops1 looks more realistic, they've just added colors, kinda like comparing an Iphone LCD to a Samsung Amoled.

  10. la misma mierda cual evolucion? . Es increible como los niños ratas que pagan por todo arruinan los juegos, No te trae campaña, reciclan los mapas y encima te COBRAN POR DLCs son una mierda treyar. "Es que este Call of Duty no tendra campaña para poder dedicarnos mas juego y satisfacer a la gente" Si si campeon una mierda y al otro dia dicen que tendra dlc el juego. Pues si como piensan en sus jugadores putos LADRONES.

  11. I chose Black ops 1 'cause the nostalgia! And Bo1's zombies 'cause the NOSTALGIA and Bo1 is the one and the original Black ops game!

  12. Madre mía como la gente puede decir que la versión de bo1 a bo4 se ven iguales. Quizas el motor gráfico sea el mismo pero año tras año lo que han echo es ir mejorando el propio motor gráfico QUITAROS DE LA CABEZA DE QUE LOS GRÁFICOS SON LOS MISMOS CUANDO NO ES ASI O ESTÁIS CIEGOS

  13. Black ops 4 looks so colorful and vibrant compared to Black ops 1. You can really tell CoD is actaully not the same every year lol.

  14. As the other remastered map
    …it looks …dead
    The dynamic elements got removed
    quick and dirty job to shut people up for not having a campaign is my guess

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