Cambodia Shooting range – RPG2 AK56 PKM tossing handgranade

Cambodia Shooting range – RPG2 AK56 PKM tossing handgranade

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  1. too bad you need 200 dollar tax stamps fbi background checks and law enforcement approval to own all these things in the states

  2. No i'm not as sad as you I don't shout at computer screens and weep to mummy like you say I do. They are certainly getting me scratching my head and wondering, Do you do it? You sad little no life cyber warrior!

  3. My cousin went to Vietnam and got to fire an AK47 though. The RPG-2 now i know how useless its accuracy is. I was going to buy a Bulgarian deactivated one. Also that gun is a TYPE 56 not called the AK56 there's no such thing, just here to help!

  4. Cool. How can I get there from the capital? Do you need prior booking? Coz I am planning to make a visit to Cambodia soon.

  5. how is it sick? the country is awash with weapons and explosives after decades of civil war, better to let tourists waste all the ammo than let it be put into the hands of criminal gangs like so many other parts of the world.

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