24 Replies to “Can a fitness YouTuber survive an Olympic fencer's workout? | Hitting the Wall”

  1. Did they even realise they had two olypians in that vid
    The other one . Daryl Homer (silver medallist )

  2. "bodybuilding influencer", ha ha what a poser title – but the video is good to show the real work an outwardly scrawny guy puts in

  3. I swear I was seeing the hand staying back before the start of the lunge there. Have they changed it so that you don't need the initial extension of the hand preceding the step or lunge for a valid attack? Been ages since I've fenced.

  4. Stop beeing stupid with your "can a fencer can bla bla my balls". It's dumb. Fitness it just a different sport. Purpose is to have a good training to your sport. Fitness fans are dumb thinking they are bests cause they can lift weight.

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