Can a Snowboarder Wakeboard?? – (Imondi Wake Zone Fruita)

Can a Snowboarder Wakeboard?? – (Imondi Wake Zone Fruita)

alright guys enough head cam of of the amateur let's put you on the Perot right what's up guys we're at Maundy wakeboard pond thing I don't know I've never gone wakeboard before this is a cable park so we should be able to hit some jumps and rails and if we're that good I know it's gonna be sick I'm stoked Kevin's here he thinks he's gonna belly flop we brought Kyle a cowboy Roy of course he grew up in Minnesota so he's used to losing in football and wakeboarding and Taylor Tom's the guy that brought us and uh he's that he's the expert he's the one that's been here before so he's gonna show us the ropes what you guys came out to do this all right we got a wakeboard we got a life vest we got in sadly Kevin cannot jump on the bouncy castle thing it's 20 more dollars we ain't paying that we got a sunblock up and we're ready to rock right we gotta wait for it sunblock that's a smiling faces it's gonna be sick you nervous Kevin dad I'm nervous no idea what I'm doing did you see how we got the board away at Kevin nope I never never been on a wakeboard before apparently I didn't keep my arms extended so I didn't do that again no you did good you did the hardest part was just get out there the box I almost made out and then I saw I was going towards the jump and I was like Joe let go I think just I didn't do that pretend like you're on a box so just real flat okay so I was like trying to give it like lean back like powder oh yeah so maybe try and do less of that he said about first he said keep my arms more extended too guys that was a good slant like oh I ha oh we gotta get it though it's right there we a tight to the end now so different ah good job [Applause] that's so weird guys this is so sick I just really want Kevin to get it he's uh really struggling with the start but I know my boy he's gonna get it he's gonna do it for a long time before he gives up oh all right guys enough head cam of of the amateur let's put you on the Perot [Applause] No guys I'm have it's so much fun my arms are getting tired for sure that's the way it sucks I want to keep ripping my arms get tired and then Kevin can't get a start he's so close poor dude but he's still having fun you did so good that time I love to see you not giving up this is the one cap you've got it oh oh you were there your feet came out hi guys we're running out of time gotta get that 180 I gotta get all the way around that's all you can you got this whole circle keep that nose up yeah now we got the honghua coward sucks I just my hands are so shot guys I think that one was it I kind of a just hit the jump but every time I come in someone has fallen there and so I have to go around the two boxes hit today though the jump this is sick it is so similar to snowboarding like so similar other than with snowboarding your hands aren't getting ripped off the whole time for your forearms the walk of shame guys two of them in one week come on dude you started to kill it I felt I fell where you fell yeah it's not oh my feet are burning it's so hot the water here too is actually really warm especially compared to Lake Dylan it's so cold guys this was literally one of the finest days I've ever had in my entire life I had no idea I'd be that good and if I wasn't even that good but I thought I was gonna completely suck and be able to hit boxes and jumps like do a 180 oh good Tom dude yeah man they brought it just fancy now but up it's my dick he helped to get footage the whole thing talk to the man hi guys I'm so smoked my arms my hands blisters the whole tiles blisters are insane but uh we did it now sick this is Maundy wake Parker yeah and fruit fruit oh yeah I'm terrible at that terrible at that stuff but uh so much fun Thank You chair Tom for inviting us getting us a free punch in dude true legend this is something I can see me doing a lot more because it's so similar to snowboarding and obviously finding a way to still make the best and to do whatever like well come but and that was so sick the boxes are fun jumps I don't know what else to say guys hit that subscribe button like the video share it if you thought school come out here if you got was cool I think this is the second year that I'm doing it it's sick and the price is so fair it's like a eight seventy eighty bucks for everything to do it for two hours so fair and trust me you're only gonna need two hours but we yeah you ate some food we gotta get the AC on I'm dying so thanks for watching keep evolving we'll see you next time I'm on top of the ocean living like life in frozen feeling my feet been chosen for something other than motion mama told me imma be somebody ain't never gonna be nobody no no I never gonna need nobody meet you guys back I just got a free seven

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  2. I miss wakeboarding! Last time was β€˜96 in Seattle! So much fun! I’ve also passed by this park when I go mountain biking Kokopelli trails, cool place!

  3. Dude that was a whole bunch of fun. That was way better than the MTB content. More of this.

    Kevin keep it up bro keep your arms straight and lean back like a deep deep powder day

    Shred on πŸ‘ŠπŸ’ͺπŸ‘

  4. Great video Johnthan check out the video I sent you on instagram . Ps relax when you’re on the water πŸ’§

  5. Wow this makes me miss my home, aka Florida haha. I never been to a cable park tho I heard theres one in Denver! I never even heard of the town fruita before place is soooo far

  6. This is totally my dream. After learning snowboarding a few years ago, ive been wanting to try this as the summer alternative.

  7. by the way you are so lucky to have a clockwise park, in uk we only have anticlockwise parks which are a nightmare for regular riders.

  8. Oh man oh man.
    This makes me miss going out and wakeboarding behind the boat back in warm water.

    Looks so dang easy compared to starting behind a boat.

    If the drive isn't too bad I gotta do this when my shoulder heals.

  9. not gonna say i told ya, but told ya. haha they are not exactly the same, but most of the movements to get up and going are the same.

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