27 Replies to “Can Susana Yabar Keep Up with Hugo Calderano’s Table Tennis Workout | Hitting the Wall”

  1. when hugo said how his rubik's cube skills are transferrable I was surprised as I both enjoy speedcubing and playing table tennis

  2. Can any one recommend me any blades that will be good for learning how to smash forehand smash consistently? I have just brought the rasant rubber for my first custom build, i am trying to find other parts to complete my set.

  3. The chick is a hot, old cougar. Table tennis is hard and you have to def. be in shape. I am glad she got exposed to that player's training techniques. Now, she probably has a respect for his sport.

  4. it must be a hard thing to leave Brazil for Ochsenhausen/Germany, No doubt why many Bazilian prefer playing soccer ! (less winter)

  5. The rubber on Susan's knees part is just like she's on labour and delivering a baby.. "Push Push Push.." 😂 but cool exercise though! Never knew there's an exercise like that before 👍

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