25 Replies to “Can You REALLY Live With The World’s Smallest Sports Car?”

  1. I really wish that Suzuki had not made so many mistakes in the USA market. The vehicles with GM / Daiwoo / Hyundai engines really turned off those of us who liked Suzuki.

  2. “Its so small”

    Thats what she said…

    I know i know im a child but jesus i just thought of it hahahahahagahahshagagagshahaha

  3. Why are you not on an actual TV station by now? You are great. I think you'd be a big hit in the USA. I always have a good laugh with your videos. I have a Great Dane myself, and I have two cars, a Hyundai Sonata GLS ( tons of room for him)and a VW New Beetle ( not so much room for him )….he has great head room in the beetle, however it is comical to see him in it LOL….Keep up the great work Alex! You're not bad on the eyes either haha! ANYWAY! 😉 Can't wait until your next video!

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