Can You Train Everyday? The Truth About Overtraining (WORKOUT) | THENX

Can You Train Everyday? The Truth About Overtraining (WORKOUT) | THENX

what's up Ally fennecs at Leeds its Chris area welcome to another video of official fennecs today we're going to be answering the question can you train every day let's discover the truth about overtraining [Applause] alright so let's get started so today we're going to be answering the question can you train every day we're going to discover the truth about overtraining so the answer to that question can you train every day the answer is you can train every day you can train hard but you cannot do both consistently for an extended period of time eventually if you're training hard as hard as you can every single day and you're doing that without any rest at all your body is eventually going to fatigue it's eventually going to slow down and you're eventually going to hit that wall you're not going to progress at all and that is where overtraining comes into play you see your body needs proper rest to be able to get stronger and to build muscle when you're resting is when you're building and repairing those muscle fibers so you can go back in the next day and go even harder to take it to the next level so resting is super important it's just as important as training hard if your body is fatigued that's when you're going to start hitting those walls you're not going to make any progress and there we have the overtraining coming into play so it's really important to program your training that doesn't mean that you can't train every single day and that doesn't also mean that you can't train really hard you can do them both you just shouldn't be doing them both consistently because that is not going to work out you can train every single day Monday through Monday if you're starting off the first week let's say intense and you're finishing off by the end of the week you're doing light workouts or just some light movements or just training technique or doing some cardio something like that and in fact I do that every single day I in a sense train every single day because at some point during the day of my off days I'm either doing some type of cardio or doing some type of technique whether it be just practicing my handstands my one-arm handstand or something like that and that is still training so yes you can train at single day it's just not going to be at the same intensity as when you first started that week now you can also train with an extreme intensity throughout the week and then take a weekend off to repair your body and get it ready for the next week it all depends on your goals and your lifestyle really the most important thing is really to just listen to your body if you feel like you really need that rest you feel your body is aching and you actually have been going hard for a consistent amount of time take the rest don't worry about Oh Chris said that he trains every single day even on because his off days he's doing even a little something yeah that's true but if I just don't feel like doing it on my off days I won't so it's not like it's a consistent thing where I'm training every single day I still take two day breaks and a day breaks all in between my workout regimen but the most important thing for me is that when it is time to train you go hard and you are constantly challenging yourself as long as you're having the proper rest and the right nutrition overtraining this is both so now I'm going to show you what other people will consider overtraining we can do a challenging workout whole body workout and the first exercise is going to be handstand push-ups we're going to match those handstand push-ups we're then going to go into weighted must loves shape our dips pull-ups all consecutively and we're going to do a drop set five ten ten the first set seven seven seven the next step we're then going to move into deadlifts we're going to lift heavy so we're going to do three of five reps from there we're going to move on to toasted bar we're going to do hanging with one arm three on each arm and then we're going to move into ten with both arms from there we're going to move on to straddle planche push-ups we're going to go for eight then we're going to do a drop set of dips we're going to put on plates and we're going to do five take some plates off six paint plates off seven take the last plate off and then max out with body weight so if you guys are ready let's go for it so the first exercise is going to be handstand push-ups you guys are ready let's get started we're going to max these out it's a nice little warm-up moving on we have muscle ups straight bar dips pull-ups there's an old-school move my favorite we're gonna be interesting I'm already it's ripping and sweat alright so we're gonna go for muscle-ups shape our dips pull-ups 510 that was crazy oh my god alright time to drop set that now is when that rest comes in handy all right so now we're going to go for seven seven you that'll stretch oh my god alright let me get some talk for a second because I'm just drenched in sweat it's summertime here in Miami and there's no HC in here fans aren't on it's like hundred degrees in here so that's why I'm sweating like crazy alright so now we got deadlift we're gonna go to three to five reps since we're lifting heavy all right here we go whoo yeah that is heavy after those Mustapha all right next to the bar so we're gonna go through in our whoo that one was harder than the other side all right let's go for ten all right now we're almost done straddle plants I'm thinking what I saw myself up on this is pretty tough all right here we go oh my gosh what the hell they're like practically impossible at this point whoo all right well I did as many as I could in there let's move on to the next exercise I'm gonna do a drop set of these weighted dips right here so I'll take off one plate at a time ah all right comfortable all right here we go there we go that's five ah six here we go [Applause] here we go last all right here we go whoo all right damn I'm dated like uh trail of sweat across the whole gym this is definitely a killer workout right here so if you enjoyed the workout for today if you enjoyed the lesson can you train every day yes can you train hard like this every day it is good to put your body as intense as I put myself through this workout put your body through intense workouts that challenge you every week maybe not every single day in a rope but you need to be pushing yourself to the limit every week I actually try to go hard hard like this almost five days out of the week at least Monday through Friday I try to go as hard as I can no excuses and if your nutrition is on point you're getting the right amount of sleep you're going to see crazy games crazy strength and crazy progress this is literally I'm giving you guys the inside scoop of like what I do and what I did to get to where I'm at today and if you want to take the workout take the programs that I did to get to where I'm at today become a member right now instead XCOM get full access to all our workout programs all our daily workouts full access to all our music here on the FedEx Channel and you can download our 10 X app from the app store to take our workouts and programs with you everywhere if you guys need a little extra push during your workouts check outs tedx ignite it's a pre workout that's going to have you fly through your workouts if you guys saw I was using a weight belt during this whole routine that's really what's going to get you to the next level starting to put weight on your body and if you need a weight belt we have them available right now setting comps last shop go and get yours too we have a whole bunch of products that help you over on our shop like arsenic's Ritz rats which we can get right now over at our shop then I saw a shop which is going to help with that joint paint it's going to help you lift more and it's also going to increase your repetition guys remember we post every Sunday 8 p.m. Eastern us a time and the first person to comment the video and to like the video always is going to win a thin X Prize and this video for this week and from next week's is going to be our brand new red 10x risk reps so the first commenter of this video and every video that we upload a PM us a eastern time will always win synthetics gear so I'll see you guys at the first comment they can guys so much for watching love you pick up

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  2. Hi! Great video! By the way, I am wondering where can I buy those very special deep bars you are using for hand stand push ups? Is this equipment available anywhere?

  3. Man im dribbled across your videos. Subscribed right away. You definitely will motivate anyone to work out. Thanks for your hard work

  4. There are times that I'll workout constantly for 2-3 weeks and then I'll take a week or 2 break then get back on track. It's a crazy schedule but I've always done it. And honeslty it keeps my body weight steady and pretty much the same.

  5. I’m fresh out prison. Looking back I did a lot of work out but man this channel taught me EVERYTHING a young man needed to reach my potential. And this dude Chris I was hella looking like he built but THEN I seen this man actually hitting these reps and I’m like wooowwwwwww. Props bruh you just got a new subscriber today.

  6. "WE are going to…" 😂😂😂 No, mate, you are. You're not gonna catch me doing that insane workout any time soon!

  7. The real question is not that you can't train everyday is that can you traing the same muscle running days no if you traing diferent muscles leaving 1 day of you can train the same muscle 3 times a week and if you want to traing hard as possible you can choose 1 day of each muscle to train them hard as possible

  8. So can i train hard for 2 weeks 4 hour full body sessions high intensity each week on sunday rest then on the third week do nothing at all for the third week

  9. I just started strength training. I did not allow enough recovery time for my age (i am not a spring chicken more like an old turkey) and to my horror I ended up losing muscle mass. lol I was trying to lose weight while preserving or even building some muscle. Thanks for the tips.

  10. Another sick video man thanks for shareing your knowledge for free, iv noticed more progress in my strength over the past month than I ever have, went from 7-8 pullups to 20-30 depending how dead I feel, I need to get a vest and a resistance band but not sure what type of resistance band I need

  11. Out of every 6 weeks of training I take a full 7 days off. Helps with hitting that wall and with letting your body heal.

  12. The way he is training truly looks like a legendary class anime villain character! Astonishing! He allmost trains with Sasuke's thirst. Im sure he trains with Naruto's perseverance too because you cant have a body like that only if you never give up! Though i'm not sure but he could have a bit of Jirayia's wisdom? Sharing these things with the entire world and spreading good vibes and love. With his passion he managed to do something different. Though others destroy, Chris Heria Unites!

  13. Had to do a couple push ups while watching this video 😂 If he doesn’t motivate your just as good as dead

  14. Man I can't believe the dude can even walk or speak after that display of physical exertion & excellence personified. Wow that's inspiring!

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