41 Replies to “Canal Boarding – Ghetto Wakeboarding | DEVINSUPERTRAMP”

  1. Is this Spanish fork Utah? Cause me and my buddies do this all the time on the Salem side of the canal. Awesome video!

  2. Bwahahaha lmmfao. This looks like a hideous Abercrombie and Fitch commercial. I couldnt stop laughin at these douche monsters the entire vid!!!

  3. 1:35 smokes his head on cement… "And on that note, I think we'll wrap it up for today guys. Good footage!"

  4. its funny in all his videos he makes a group of people stand together and pretend to be partying and you can sense the awkwardness

  5. where do you live that you get to do all these cool things. living in nyc i dont have the opportunity to

  6. its easier to wakeboard in the sewer because the water is thicking u know cus all the poop and stuff. they proved it in this video

  7. Clicked a thumbnail to get here and didn't see the uploader. First thing I thought was "Wow this looks like a Devinsupertramp video."

  8. I don't know why, but when I hear "canal" I think of a sewage canal…Maybe it's cuz I live in LA 🙁 fml

  9. hey dude I like your videos, I think they're well done and the premises are great, but why do they all look like adverts for a clothing company/other generic brand targeted at sporty youth? Can't they just be like chill depictions of things you do with your friends…or maybe that's the point, that you want to get hired to make commercials…

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