Car vs Horse // Which Is Fastest?

Car vs Horse // Which Is Fastest?

hey guys welcome back to my channel today we are here with the first-ever official horse vs. car challenge I'm with the one and only equestrian dad he's going to be obviously driving the car and I'm gonna be on Prince I'm going to be seeing once and for all which is the fastest the horse or the car down below before you watch the video what you think's going to win and we're going to show you the course so we'll get right into that oh my god I'm so scared this is how we're gonna go drifting no we don't go drifting we are know so we're gonna track this gonna be because we can't just do this if you win by so much so the first part of this course is this Junction and since I can jump the jump I get to go the short way and dad has to go the whole way around next part the course is this straight and I have a jump to jump and dad just gets to go straight down as fast as he can then we have the massive gallop down the long side before we get to the end and there's a sharp right-hand turn and then a sharp left-hand turn and then another sharp right-hand turn to test the agility yeah okay finish finally you head back over the finish line and complete the final part of the course this is a big loop and you have to go the whole around and then do it a hundred and eighty degree turn at the bottom and head back up to the hill and the timer stops when you finish on the hill so without further ado one of the boys Oh well so that was exciting we're going to find out now the final results so leo so that's time in the car question dad yeah you got a time bomb minute 7 seconds point to nice winning time one crazy [Applause] horses are better than cars we hope you enjoyed this video please don't forget to leave a thumbs up and subscribe more and we will see you next time bye no get pounded [Laughter]

30 Replies to “Car vs Horse // Which Is Fastest?”

  1. It all depends on the course if it’s windy
    The horse will win if straight the car will so looking at the course I’m going to say the horse

  2. I hope y'all know that this is fake right?
    Its logic that cars are faster than horses😅
    (No hate though,I like horses too but the comments 🤣🤣)

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