Cardio, Strength Circuit Training: The 35 Minute Cardio Strength Step Circuit

Cardio, Strength Circuit Training: The 35 Minute Cardio Strength Step Circuit

22 Replies to “Cardio, Strength Circuit Training: The 35 Minute Cardio Strength Step Circuit”

  1. TOUGH but very EFFECTIVE interval workout on Jessicasmithtv! Sparkling and yes sweating at the end, but I made it through (thankfully) using 5 lbs throughout! Cardio all the way through (I think it was up even more so during the strength portion)! Thank you so much, Jessica!

  2. Love this type of workout with the step? Would you consider doing more workouts like this one ? Fantastic workout!

  3. There are so many employees who would love to have peanut as a supervisor! Fortunately, Jessica is management, she gets to keep her job!

  4. I’ve been doing your workouts for a few months now and this has to be my favorite!! Makes me feel strong, and I love the sweat!

  5. This seriously kicked my butt…lol
    No muscle left behind.
    I had forgotten about this one. Did it once months ago and almost died. Need to do this one more often.

  6. I love your regular workouts. Walking workouts make me bored. This old bird, 60, likes more variety and challenge. Walking always uses the same muscles. Thank you for these fun workouts. Are the ones on Youtube on DVD anywhere?

  7. HOw do you get that irritating subtitle at the bottom out so you can actually see the workout? Tried all the Youtube settings. Great workout, but the subtitle is a serious spoiler.

  8. Finished Day 5 of the February Fusion Challenge. I am behind, but sticking to the schedule. And yes, this is always a tough one! I love it! I think I did better than when I did this a few weeks ago, so I'm glad to see I'm building my strength back up! And my Fitbit said I burned 323 calories! WOW! I'm definitely sparkling up a storm, and will definitely be feeling this one tomorrow, and the next day I'm sure!

  9. Yes, still a tough one!!! I think I'm a bit weaker after the last 2 days of workouts. Started with my 8# and 5#, then dropped down to 5# and 3#. I felt a bit weak, so I would love to try this on a day I have more energy I think! But I powered through, sweat dripping and nearly out of breath. Still keeping up with the 2019 January Challenge! Thanks Jessica and Peanut (supervisor!)!

  10. Woah, that was tough! Looking forward to the day when I can do more of it with less rest 💪🏻

  11. Day 44 with Jessica! This was a REAL WORKOUT! Every part of the body is worked out here! It was tough but very thorough. I loved it! Thanks, Jessica, for another stupendous cardio strength session!

  12. Wow! That was brutally fun. I'm a 61-yr-old dental hygienist who is constantly battling poor posture, thanks to my career. Your videos, and DVDs help keep me strong and upright. I have abandoned most other workout DVDs and videos for yours. I love the variety and actually look forward to coming home and figuring out which one I will do that night. Your lovely personality, and Peanut, help keep me motivated. Thank you!

  13. Love this video. Would be fun to have weights and small ball combos too? Love your videos, Jessica. You are so creative. Hi to Peanut as well!🏋🏼‍♀️🌹😃

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