CARDIO VS. HIIT: My Surprising Results After Just 6 Weeks! Fit Over 50

CARDIO VS. HIIT: My Surprising Results After Just 6 Weeks! Fit Over 50

a couple of months ago I spoke about this book the great cardio miss by Craig Valentine and I showed you how I decided to switch my own workout from a slow steady state cardio to a more well my version of HIIT which is high-intensity interval training I thought you might like to see my results just to recap what I have been doing was every morning I go out for a long walk fast pace but a steady pace so just one pace through her walk anything from one to three hours a day every morning and I wasn't really real I'm out walking and I enjoy the energy burbs that I get from it but it wasn't doing anything for my actual body composition so I decided to do my version of HIIT because I've got a dodgy hip I can't run so I can't get that intense interval training but I'll decide to do stairs so why I am doing it's a fast walk to the spirit which is 15 minutes I really pump my arms like this very hard and those are mascara and then I walk back again fast pace and I haven't picked up a weight in the time so I've been doing this workout because I feel that doing this is really working my upper body and the singers are working my lower body and I just wanted to see what effects I get just from doing this new workout and I'm not doing it every day I'm aiming for every day but because of weather and just time commitment it's more like five times a week and then on the other days I'll either do nothing or I might just go for a nice beach walk because I just like walking on the beach and I miss that so that's what I've been doing for the last couple of months oh and another thing I should mention I haven't changed my diet in any way so I eat the same kind of foods that are just amazing the whole – maintaining I am not even more I'm not any less and I'm not eating different kinds of foods now when I started when I actually changed my cardio I didn't think to take any measurements or anything like that so I wasn't thinking of it in terms of like an experiment and I didn't actually think that I would get noticeable results especially not in such a short time so what I'm going to do I do have some photos taken from around about a couple of months ago and I'm wearing the same outfit now in a minute and when I take this top off and then you'll be able to see put the visual of the changes that I've noticed in my body so the first major change is I have leaned out quite a bit not so much in terms of scale weight I've probably dropped about three kilos in the last couple months but I've gone down a whole dress size I love a size 10 which is the US six and now I'm an 8 so which is the US for I've certainly noticed a big change around my middle things are definitely a lot ofstuff boobs okay what can you do and my arms settling down a lot more but more than that I think I've got a lot more definition in my shoulders and around here bicep definitely in the shoulders bearing in mind as I said I haven't listed anyway in that time so just this very pumping and I do it really hard and it looks so dorky that I don't care so I think just pumping has given me a lot more upper body definition lumière around my middle and I guess my legs got rained out as well so I think all over I'm just a lot leaner and more defined now if I turn side on you can compare because obviously stairs is you know working the glutes and the hamstrings and quads so if you just compare I'm gonna have to pull this opportunity since it's all firmed up here I can see more definition in my quad I don't know if you can but I can see more definition in the whole quad muscle Brown the back here every time I catch glimpse of my back in the mirror that's where I think I really noticed the difference the most again I think it's because I do this and that's obviously activating a lot of muscles in my back and I can really notice the change right through the back of my shoulders and across my back so those are some pretty dramatic I think changes in my body and just a couple of nuns not so much scale way and to be honest I wasn't trying to lose any weight and I didn't expect to lose weight what I wanted was to improve my body composition my muscle to fat ratio and I think I've done that and the best part is I now get my exercise done in about half the time I don't know how I actually had the time to go through those three hour walk Swift where did I have that kind of times cruising so I'm really happy with that another thing about exercise is that your body does adapt really quickly to whatever you're doing you know you'll get great results when you start any kind of exercise program you get your new big gains but then after a couple of months your body just doesn't respond like it used to does it adapts so you have to switch things around every six to eight weeks anyways to keep getting results so I'm going to have to think about what I'm going to do I think I might actually now just go back to visiting some weights just to give my body my body's had you know a break from the weights and I think now when I go back two weeks it'll respond again you know and I'll see some more dramatic changes so that's exciting so I hope you found this video in to seen if you enjoyed it please give me a thumbs up and I was lovely to subscribe to much just by clicking the subscribe button below thank you so much for watching I bring out a new video every five minutes I look forward to seeing you then [Applause]

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  1. I'm glad to have found your youtube channel. I'm over 50 and I'm glad to see a channel for women over 50 that doesn't tell you to exercise like you're in your 20's (jumping, running, doing marathons, etc). I find your sessions very informative. Also, you have a soothing voice that is kind of relaxing vs having someone shouting on your face 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness 1-3 hours!! I surly need to kick up my exercise routine. Actually, I have a just a bit already just by watching your videos. 💐

  3. Amazing results, thanks, I am late fifties and fat, but have decided to improve this year, your advice is fantastic and I will follow your advice, you look great and are an inspiration to all women in their fifties. Or any age, thanks again.

  4. I CANNOT believe the difference just from doing HITTs.

    YOu said in your latest video that you wanted to work on videos based on questions. Do you/did you have loose skin after you lost the weight…and if so, what have you done about it?

  5. Steady state cardio/jogging is completely useless (but most are made to believe it works which is why you see so many plodding along with no results).

    Sprinting or at least HIIT has a ton of benefits, 2 including building muscle and can rid of fat quickly.

  6. Oh my! Everything about you is so adorable and calming.
    And your results are absolutely fantastic! Wow!! 😻
    Much love to you, my dear 💕
    Yours Tall Cat

  7. I'm a little unclear about the time. Would you describe exactly how long you go up stairs and how long you rest and the total time you spend for one workout? For instance, do you climb stairs for 30 seconds and rest for 30 seconds and then repeat for a total of 15 minutes? Thx.

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